Kurtis Seaboldt

Kurtis Seaboldt

    OFFICIAL BIO: A nine-time Pro Bowler and certain first-ballot Hall of Famer, Kurtis is also an accomplished fabricator. In fact he has never played any professional sport. He discovered sports later than most – age nine – but was quickly swept up in it, reading any sports book he could get his hands on. That often came in the form of record and stat books, dooming him to the geekdom from which he has never fully recovered.

    His first speaking gig was as the PA announcer for Raytown and Raytown South basketball and Raytown South football. During his 14-year stint at the two schools, he saw a number of great players and great teams. He had a front row seat for Jevon Crudup’s unbeaten and nationally ranked Cardinals of 1990 as well as Tyronn Lue’s 1995 Blue Jays that went 27-1.

    His broadcasting career began quite by accident. At age 30 he ran into an old high school friend who knew someone who ran a small station in Liberty. It was then, in the spring of 1996, that he began doing a weekend sports talk show on KCXL 1140AM. Kurtis and fellow mimic Jeremy Wood formed an on-air partnership that spanned five years and four stations. Their unique brand of comedy and sports knowledge helped them move from KCXL to 1510 KCTE in the fall of 1997. After a brief stint doing comedy bits for 99.7 KY they began a short-lived Saturday morning show on the station. In January of 1999 they launched Sunday Sports Talk on 980 KMBZ.

    In the fall of 1999, Kurtis began running the board for KMBZ’s “Fortune and Petro” afternoon show. From Soren Petro he learned the importance of passion, preparation and commitment. From Don Fortune he learned where to find the best pie in town. Truth be told, Don taught Kurtis the importance of being a professional in the business. In turn, Don and Soren learned to steer clear of Kurtis after he has been to Oklahoma Joe’s.

    He worked at KMBZ for nearly five years before joining 810 WHB the day of the Royals’ 2004 season opener. Since then he has broadened his broadcasting broadness, working on Royals pre-game and post-game shows before settling in as the outlet pass to the running back in The Program’s comedy gameplan. Still, he finds time to impress with his crisp writing and flawless delivery of Sports Centers that his father calls “snazzy”.

    He is a graduate of Raytown High School and never stops attempting to wedge Tyronn Lue’s name into any and all conversations, as this bio clearly proves.

    High School: Raytown Proper (1986)