Chiefs Quotes: Reid, Kelce Jan 19

Chiefs Quotes: Reid, Kelce Jan 19

Read what Andy Reid and Travis Kelce said ahead of the AFC Divisional Game in Buffalo.

Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid Quotes

January 19, 2024

OPENING STATEMENT: “As far as the injuries go, the guys that didn’t practice today were Skyy Moore with that knee strain. He tweaked it a little bit yesterday, so we backed off him. He’ll be listed as out also. Wanya Morris is still on the concussion protocol; he’ll be listed as out. Derrick Nnadi with the tricep, he’ll be listed as out. Everybody else practiced and did a good job there. We look forward to the challenge of playing the Bills as I mentioned, well coached, good football team. Our guys have had a real good week of practice and look forward to that challenge of going into a tough place to play, but they’ve had a good week of preparation here. With that, time’s yours.”

Q: It’s been a long time since you’ve had to play a road playoff game, is there anything different that you do to get yourself and the team ready?

REID: “No, we do the same thing, keep it consistent for the guys and coaches for that matter.”

Q: With Derrick Nnadi out, do you expect Mike Pennel to step into his place?

REID: “Yeah, he’ll (Mike Pennel) be working in there, yeah.”

Q: Buffalo had some rough weather again this week, do all your travel plans seem to be on time?

REID: “I think so. Got the buses warmed up just in case (laughter).”

Q: Last week there were issues with fans throwing snowballs on the field in Buffalo. Is that something that you discuss with either the Bills or the officials before the game?

REID: “I’m sure (Senior Director of Team Security Brian) Shaf (Shafar) does. Probably talks to their people up there, but I don’t. We just do what we do and – keep your helmet on.”

Chiefs Player Quotes

January 19, 2024


Q: Is there anything you can put your finger on as to why you have been such a good road team over the years?

KELCE: “I think from the top down (Head) Coach (Andy) Reid does a great job of challenging everyone in the building. It’s not easy to go anywhere and get a win in the NFL, let alone in the playoffs. With that being said, it’s a challenge that has to be met during the week, and Coach Reid does a great job of getting everything organized in that regard.”

Q: What impressed you most about Rashee Rice’s postseason debut last week?

KELCE: “I mean, obviously, I’m proud of him. I think he’s come a long way, and I think he’s still ascending as a player in this offense. It’s just been fun to see him rise to the occasion and really just catapult us in a lot of ways both in the pass game and run game. It’s been awesome to see him accept the challenges every single week. Week 10 through 15 as a rookie you can kind of get lost a little bit, and he’s been real focused throughout that and really hasn’t hit a rookie wall as much as at least I did for sure.”

Q: Were there things you saw in Rashee as far back as even training camp that let you know he was going to be good?

KELCE: “I would say just his attention to detail, his ability to feel out defenses – be confident in what he’s seeing in the defense to be able to find voids. I think he’s been pretty spot on with that and open to learning more about that kind of stuff. When you’re open to learning about stuff in this building you’re going to figure it out.”

Q: Last week did you feel the benefit of resting in Week 18?

KELCE: “I noticed throughout the week I got to get a lot of good work in. Sometimes after a big game you just take a few hits, (your) body doesn’t get back to tip top shape until towards the end of the week and you get to play again. That week I got to get some really good reps in early on, and I think that helped me out even this week coming into this game.”