Andy Reid Quotes: Browns

Andy Reid Quotes: Browns

OPENING STATEMENT: “Alright really none of the injuries we had will hold the guys back, which is a positive thing. Leo (Chenal) had a hip pointer on the fumble recovery. Cole Christiansen hurt his ribs. (Cornell) Powell had a little bit of a hamstring. Wanya Morris – a little bit of his shoulder. Cam Jones – concussion. (Olakunle) Fatukasi has a concussion. So, these are all the things the guys will all come back from. I appreciated the fight that the guys had throughout the game. It was great to get the twos and threes the work they did. Again, this helps (General Manager) Brett (Veach) and finally evaluation helps the guys – the ones that don’t make the team – have an opportunity to hook on somewhere else with the tape that they put out there. So, all in all, it’s good to have it (preseason) finished up, good that we’re relatively healthy, and we move on to a real good Lions team. With that, time’s yours.”

Q: On cutting the roster down.

REID: “Yeah, so (General Manager) Brett (Veach) will get with his guys tomorrow morning and then the coaches will grade the tape and get that in for their final, the coaches final evaluation on the guys playing. And then Brett will shake it all up and come out with the best group that we think can help us here and yeah, it’s always – this is the toughest day. When you have to make the cuts because these guys have busted their tails through all the OTAs and then through the training camp, so then you got – they all can’t be here unfortunately.”

Q: What’s going to make this year’s cuts difficult?

REID: “Yeah I mean there’s – listen, there’s some tough spots of guys competing there at certain spots, so we’ve got to make sure we make the right decision there.”

Q: It looks like wide receiver is one of those tough spots. Is that the case?

REID: “Potentially. Yeah, you’ve got to look at numbers and how many you’re going to keep at each spot and that’s one of them. So, you also have to include special teams (and) how the guys help you on special teams.”

Q: On today’s quarterback performances.

REID: “Yeah, so, I saw some good things. A couple things we need to work on. We had obviously too many turnovers and they cost us points so you can’t have that – for sure. But there were some good things in there, too.”

Q: Rashee Rice has gotten open quite a bit but had a couple drops. Is that a concern entering the season?

REID: “Yeah, he’s got a lot of talent. He’s just got to hang onto the ball. I mean he’s got good hands; he’s just got to focus in on it, squeeze it and catch it first then you can go do your thing after that. So, he’ll be alright; he’s just got to keep working through it.”

Q: In the past you’ve kept three quarterbacks. With the new emergency quarterback rule, how does that impact that choice?

REID: “We’ll see how that works out for us. You still have to count the numbers on it, but we’ll see how that goes. I think it’s a good rule. It’s a good rule to have. We’ll see how we utilize it.”

Q: Are you expecting Kadarius Toney back to practice whenever you guys practice next?

REID: “Possibly. Possibly, we’ll just see. Kind of taking that one day by day, but he’s doing great right now.”

Q: How about Nic Jones? How is he trending?

REID: “Nic’s actually doing ok. So, he didn’t have to have the surgery on it so that was a good thing.”

Q: On La’Mical Perine’s performance.

REID: “I liked what I saw. He did a nice job, played really well, (he had) good balance. We know he can catch well, and he seemed to see everything pretty clearly.”

Q: From early indication, does it look like Isiah Pacheco and Tershawn Wharton came out of the action feeling ok after returning to action today?

REID: “Yeah. It was good to get those two in the game. It didn’t need to be a lot, just get their adrenaline knocked off a little bit.”

Q: What did you think of Blaine Gabbert’s preseason performance?

REID: “Blaine’s (Gabbert) done a nice job. Good competition for that second position there, you know and he’s part of that. He did a nice job.”