Nagy, Player Quotes: August 9

Nagy, Player Quotes: August 9

Chiefs Offensive Coordinator Matt Nagy Quotes

August 9, 2023

Q: Back tracking to Patrick Mahomes’ first preseason, in that year he didn’t start. What did he get out of that and what did you learn about him?

NAGY: “Yeah (Patrick) Pat’s (Mahomes) first preseason, I remember a throw he made throwing to the right. It was broken down, (he) scrambled to his right and ended up throwing one to Demarcus Robinson to the right. I remember seeing the guys on the sideline go crazy. We were seeing that in training camp, so to be able to see (it) in the preseason game – everyone always says, ‘Well, it’s not the regular season, it’s the preseason,’ but for us that was pretty special to see. There was another play before that where we had a post route, I think he hit Demarcus (Robinson) as well. We always teach guys top down with the post alerts. Patrick (Mahomes) did it from day one, so it was neat to see.”

Q: What are you able to learn about players in preseason games that you can’t in practice?

NAGY: “I think that – you know we throw a lot at them in the training camp, a lot of volume. Now we pull back a little bit, now we want to be able to see them play fast. You can at times play a little slow in practice, whether it’s you’re tired or you’re thinking. In the game, they get their game plan, they get their role, so now we can truly evaluate them and see. (We) also see too – there’s no scripted periods of cards or knowing it’s this defense or that defense, you’re going to go out there – and defenses are usually scaled back as well but you get to see guys talent, and this is an opportunity for them. Like we always say, these games – there’s only so many people that can make the roster, and I think (Head) Coach (Andy) Reid does a phenomenal job at explaining to the guys, ‘Listen, if you don’t make this roster, make it hard on us and make it easy for somebody else to pick you up.’”

Q: Thoughts on Skyy Moore in year two?

NAGY: “I think growth within the system of being able to play fast because he knows where to go. He’s had the talent, last year just learning the offense and now being able to transition to playing faster. Now he’ll get more opportunities and I think he’ll do well.”

Q: Do you want to know before the game if you’ll be playing against the opponent’s first or second team in preseason games?

NAGY: “No we don’t really care about that. You can go back and see with the history of some of these defensive coordinators, head coaches, etc. You can see usually what they do in previous years. ‘Yeah, their starters are playing’ or ‘No, their starters weren’t playing.’ Then regardless for us, there are a lot of spots out there. We’re looking at the inside linebacker, the DB (defensive back), the corner, the safety – it’s not so much numbers, we’re not necessarily game planning – I don’t think many teams game plan so much anymore.”

Chiefs Player Quotes

August, 9 2023


Q: Do you like to set goals for yourself?

MOORE: “I just like to handle business when it’s time, you know, not too many personal goals. Obviously, the goal is to win the AFC West, get homefield advantage and win the Super Bowl again.”

Q: Have you given Rashee Rice any advice to help him get through this rookie year?

MOORE: “Yeah, you know just any questions that he (Rashee Rice) has, be able to answer to them, be available for him. He’s a guy that I hang out with off the field, so it’s been an easy transition.”

Q: Is there anything specific about this offense that makes it hard for a rookie to learn?

MOORE: “It’s just very detailed. (Head) Coach (Andy) Reid wants you to be in a specific spot, in a specific alignment, so everything – it might not be as detailed as the offense you’re coming from so that’s what probably makes it the most complicated.

Q: It seems like you are playing looser out there this camp, how much more comfortable are you this year compared to last year?

MOORE: “Way more comfortable. It’s just like I got that year of experience, so I feel like (there are) certain things that I already know. I went through a whole season like I shouldn’t have to get coached on where to align or where to – like anything that happens before the snap, I don’t need to get coached up on. It’s more like how do I beat the guy, instead of what route are we running.”


Q: What are you hoping to accomplish in the first preseason game?

COBURN: “Just do my job. I think that’s the number one thing to do is do my job, worry about my keys, do my assignments right. Do whatever I have to do to help the team and help myself. Be good for the team and things like that. I think that’s the main thing I want to focus on. Just playing fast, playing with my hands, being violent, and just playing football.”

Q: How has it been going against Creed Humphrey?

COBURN: “Man, every opportunity I get is amazing. I’m going against the best in the league so why not take advantage of all those opportunities, all those reps and details to try to beat him, see what he does good, see what I can do better, things like that. It’s an honor to go against him every time I get a chance to go against him.”

Q: How unusual is the long drive drill compared to what you had in college practice?

COBURN: “I mean we had certain stuff. I’m watching, I’m seeing, I’ve been in it a couple times. It’s serious, but I see why they do it. I see why it’s so important to do it because when you’re tired, this is practice, you can get out whenever you want, but it’s training your mindset to be ready at any moment because you never know what’s going to happen. You never know in a game where you won’t be able to get a sub, and you got to play and things like that. To me, I love it and I’m just here to do what I have to do and things like that, but I see why we do it. It’s going to make us better and I see why they’ve (the Chiefs) been great all these years.”

Q: How do you feel you’re adjusting to life as a professional football player?

COBURN: “Man, I’m still getting used to (Head Coach) Andy Reid practices and things like that, but me being a pro is just having a routine, being consistent in everything you’re doing to where – I have a routine every day, where I do ice tub, hot tub every day. After workout I do the same thing, work on certain parts of my body, look at certain plays how many times throughout the night. So it’s a routine in this league because if you mess it up, you mess up yourself because at the end of the day this is your job. This is my school; this is everything for me to do so why not take advantage of every opportunity. I think the most important thing that they tell us, like (Defensive Coordinator Steve) Spags (Spagnuolo) tells us is detail and routine. Don’t change up for nothing and just keep doing what you’re doing, and just stay ready.”


Q: How important is this first preseason game to get chemistry with the offensive line and to validate that what you guys have been doing at camp?

SMITH: “Yeah, it’s extremely important. Once it gets out of a controlled setting so just really going out there sort of on your own and figuring it out and building that chemistry against live opponents, against people we haven’t been going up against. So, just seeing how all the hard work we’re putting in now is going to pay off.”

Q: However many snaps you get in that first preseason game, what are you going to be looking at in the film after the game?

SMITH: “Yeah finish great and just honestly just trying to finish. You know my technique, am I doing the right thing, can I complete the job in the way my coaches instructed me to. Just how clean can I actually play.”

Q: What’s your first impression of Donovan Smith?

SMITH: “Donovan (Smith) is awesome man. Talk about a veteran player a guy that you can look up to get advice from and really just the wisdom that he has from playing that long being in a position at left tackle. How well he’s done as well, so it’s been a great addition to the offensive line especially for the young tackles, too. A great addition just really for all of us just to learn from and listen to. It’s really great having him on.”

Q: How different is it going from year to year with Head Coach Andy Reid’s offense?

SMITH: Yeah, I just think more so it’s just like the mentality as a player coming into his third year. Just understanding what we are trying to