Reid, CEH, Thuney quotes: Aug 4

Reid, CEH, Thuney quotes: Aug 4

Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid Quotes

August 4, 2023

OPENING STATEMENT: “We have all the politicians that are here, and I’m talking. There’s something wrong here. Alright, listen there’s really nothing new on the injuries other than (Drue) Tranquill who practiced today. Turk (Tershawn Wharton) continued to rehab. Same guys that were hurt before are the same guys that are on the list. Listen, it was good work today. Today was a red zone day, little bit shorter field, but the guys kept the intensity level up. I thought they did a nice job competing. Defense is creating these small windows down in there, which is tough shooting, which we appreciate. It’s good work for the offense, it’s also good for the team. Anyway, with that, time’s yours.”

Q: Blaine Gabbert talked yesterday about how much he’s enjoyed this camp and learning the new offense. What have you seen from him that he brings to the table as a backup quarterback?

REID: “Yeah well, he’s got that experience. He’s seen the league for 13 some years, whatever it is, and he’s got pretty good feel on things. There’s not too much that he hasn’t seen from a defensive standpoint presented to him and likewise in the offense. He’s got a little familiarity with the offense, but just learning and staying on top of that becomes important. So anyways, that’s what I’ve seen.”

Q: Was Jaylen Watson out there today? Is there anything wrong with him?

REID: “Yeah (for) personal reasons, he was gone. He was excused.”

Q: Can you tell much about a receiving core until they get into an actual game?

REID: “Well you want to add that to it. The thing you’re looking for here is a retention of all the plays, opportunity to catch the ball in tight quarters, contested throws. You get that part out of it, but you have to see the game (and) see what happens.”

Q: How have you liked the job so far of Ekow Boye-Doe?

REID: “Yeah, he’s doing a nice job, he’s really doing a nice job. So, we’ll see how he did today, but he’s been getting better every day, challenging. Told him he’s got to eat a little bit, he’s kind of thin, but he’s a heck of a competitor and he’s got good skill.”

Q: How did you like the back and forth of the offense and defense today?

REID: “Yeah, I thought it was good. I thought it was a good challenge all the way around. I thought the defense did a nice job of protecting the end zone and I just thought it was a good day.”

Q: How do you feel about Clyde Edwards-Helaire’s camp performance?

REID: “Yeah, I like what he’s doing, you know he’s practicing hard, aggressive. He’s doing a nice job. You can tell that he had experience and all that.”

Q: How can rainy days like today help prepare players for the season?

REID: “Yeah so as long as there’s no lightning, it’s all good. We’ll come out and work, and somewhere that’ll pay off for you down the road – just footing, grasping the football, catching the football – I mean all of those things, both sides of the ball and special teams. So we’ve had a little bit of rain, it’s good for the farmers.”

Chiefs Player Quotes

August 4, 2023


Q: What’s your mindset in this camp compared to years past?

EDWARDS-HELAIRE: “Like it’s been every year, whenever my number’s called, I will be there to do my job and do what I need to do as far as being on the field as a running back. Never really been a question on what I can – you know what’s going on, but it’s been whenever my number’s called, I just go.”

Q: Is there anything you can take away from long drive periods compared to what they were like for you in previous camps?

EDWARDS-HELAIRE: “Honestly, man, I would say it’s really rep count across the board. I felt like it was a little different when (Commanders Offensive Coordinator) EB (Eric Bieniemy) was here. I remember going six, seven reps straight, and I remember my rookie year where we had a long drive drill where we went 23 (reps). I never really look at is as, ‘Oh this is something that’s like punishment.’ I know I gotta go out there and whenever my number’s on the play I go out there and run it. I don’t typically look at it as long drive drill is something that’s challenging. I mean if a drive on the field is 23 plays you gotta go out there and do it. So, I don’t really think about it like that I just kind of put the pads on and roll.”

Q: How far do you think you’ve come with pass protection from where you started as a rookie?

EDWARDS-HELAIRE: “I mean it’s been four years of actually being able to block NFL guys. LSU was a great school as far as transitional and I remember being able to have (Tampa Bay LB) Devin white, (Former LSU teammate) Donnie Alexander having guys like that, having one-on-one pass rush with them. But it’s just more of somewhat a little attention to detail a little bit more and not only that you kind of look at things and get pinpointed from other players on the field. So, you’ll have guys like Jet (Jerick McKinnon) whose been in the league 10, 11 years (and) you can pick things off of him try to figure out what he was thinking about some things. If not, to this day I still call (2019 LSU Director of Player Development) Kevin Faulk and send some stuff to him and try to get some feedback off him. So that’s just what it is.”

Q: Even if it’s just a preseason game how special is it for you to go back to Louisiana to play?

EDWARDS-HELAIRE: “I’m excited man. Already I got doctors, everybody – like 30 tickets were already bought from the little softball team that I go and check on them each summer. My dad, my whole family – it’s the whole nine. Every time I’m in the (Caesars) Superdome it’s been something to be relived for me. I won a (college) national championship there, I won a high school championship there. Being in the Superdome, being in New Orleans, and being in Louisiana has always been special for me, so it’s perfect.”


Q: How are things coming together with the two new tackles from the offseason?

THUNEY: “Yeah, it’s going well, Jawaan (Taylor) and Donovan (Smith) are great. They are really hard workers, getting in that play book, very detail orientated guys (and) work really hard. It’s been a great group to be a part of, the coaching staff has done a great job just getting them details and – so yeah, it’s been going really well.”

Q: This is a really young team for the defending Super Bowl champions and you’re one of the veterans. How do you take on that role as a leader both on or off the field?

THUNEY: “Trying to give young guys advice here and there when I can, especially amongst the O-line. Trying to lead by example, trying to work hard, do the right things on the field and off. Trying to be there for the guys if they ever want to bounce ideas off me, but yeah it’s – taking it a day at a time.”

Q: What are your thoughts from what you’ve seen so far from Wanya Morris?

THUNEY: “Yeah, he’s doing really well, too. (He’s) kind of switching around on both sides. He’s in his playbook all the time you know learning the system, learning the details of each play. He works really hard too and is strong and a really nice guy who’s absorbing a lot and doing really well.” 

Q: What’s the synergy that you and Creed Humphrey have up to this point?

THUNEY: “Yeah, it’s great. Creed’s (Humphrey) a great player and knows the offense so well at this point inside and out. Its great working day by day and along with Trey (Smith) too. Just the interior guys and trying to keep pushing each other and keep getting better.”