Reid Quotes, August 2

Reid Quotes, August 2

OPENING STATEMENT: “Alright, first the Tangen family, our hearts go out to them. The death of mom there to the kids, it’s a terrible thing that happened we’ve obviously reached out to them, it will stay that way and continue to support them by contact. And then Mosaic (Life Care) for the job that they did their staff of helping the best they could. Terrible thing, but again, our blessings go out to their family. As far as the injuries go L’Jarius Sneed, we held him out. He’s got – his knee is sore, a little bit of inflammation in it; we’re just going to keep that calmed down as we go. Townsend, Tommy has a sprained ankle, but you saw him out here. It’s not too bad. Michael Danna with the calf strain still getting better. Jody (Fortson), you know about that. Nazeeh (Johnson), again, you know that one. Isaiah Moore and Kadarius (Toney) all those you’re aware of. All in all, good work today. I thought the guys practiced hard; they challenged each other. It’s always tough coming form a day off, but the tempo was great. Again, they caught a break with the weather nice and cool out here. I was impressed with how they challenged each other. Time’s yours.”

Q: You’re so process oriented. I wonder if you keep anything visually or verbally to keep the suggestion planted on what the main goal is?

REID: “With the locker room the way it is, the guys know what the plan is and what this does for you when you come out and work hard. So, I’ve got good leadership there – you can’t do it without that; can’t do it without guys buying in and understanding. They’re willing to work and push themselves which is paying off for them when the season starts and throughout the season. They trust that the new guys are trusting the old guys of telling them.”

Q: Joshua Williams said you’ve had the word edge as a key word but you’ve been thinking about replacing that. Is that correct?

REID: “Well you want to maintain that you want to maintain your edge as you go through daily, make it a habit. That edge helps you drive to be the best you can be that day; you finish that one, you line up the next one and do that. It’s a grind going through camp. Like I said I like the effort being but forth the mindset is good they’re challenging each other is the most important thing.”

Q: What’s it like seeing Justyn Ross have basically a redshirt year to learn the system and have success so far in this camp?

REID: “Yeah, he’s doing good. It was a redshirt year he probably didn’t want to have right with the injury. But he’s done nice job, he had a good offseason, and then he’s worked his tail off here. He just needs to keep doing that. It’s how you answer the bell every day and push through it, but he’s got the right mindset to do that.”

Q: Tershawn Wharton was back out there. What can he add to the defensive line?

REID: “(Tershawn) Terk (Wharton) has that great quickness and strength, great combination there, good pass rusher. He’s a strong player who has experience, so adding him into the mix is a good thing – that’s a positive thing for us. We just got to take it slow as we go with him and make sure he’s okay ramp him up there.”

Q: What would be a timeline for Tershawn Wharton to get back in the mix?

REID: “We’ll see. We try to keep open communication with him and just see how it goes day-by-day. That’s the way to handle these type of things, serious injuries.”

Q: You have had a lot of training camps. How much have your training camps evolved? Where do you get new ideas?

REID: “It’s normally what you feed them, new plays, schemes those types of things that challenges them. As far as the training camp does, it’s similar now the rules – the rules obviously we had a different conditioning program for the offense and defense line. But other than that we keep it kind of the same. There’s no easy way to get yourself into shape, football shape.”

Q: Whan you talk about edge, what comes to mind?

REID: “Yeah, challenge. Challenge each other and if you can do that every time I line up I’m going to do my best against that guy, that’s the edge, that’s the edge.”