Mahomes, Ross, Nnadi Quotes: Aug 2

Mahomes, Ross, Nnadi Quotes: Aug 2


Q: You want Chris Jones in camp. How much do you get involved with that stuff and do you talk to him?

MAHOMES: “Yeah, I mean I talk to Chris (Jones), not necessarily about contract stuff. That’s how I am about all things, I never talk about the contracts, I just talk about football, and how he’s doing. I mean he’s working out; he’s staying in shape. All of that will handle itself, and all I can do is just be supportive, be a teammate. I mean, that’s one of the guys that’s been a staple to this organization for a long time, so hopefully we get him back in camp as soon as possible.”

Q: What are your impressions of Justyn Ross’ performance at training camp?

MAHOMES: “Yeah, he’s had a good one. (He is) Learning the offense fast, you can tell he’s been in the offense for a year now. Obviously, making big plays, he’s getting more and more involved in those first team reps, and so a guy that I have a lot of hope for that he can be a really good player in this offense.”

Q: How do you balance staying in the moment, but also planning for the big picture?

MAHOMES: “We talked about that at the beginning of the first team meeting, you talk about the goal of the entire season and then now, it’s everyday just getting better. Getting better, making sure you’re getting better in the classroom, getting better on the field, or watching film – whatever that is – and then when you get your opportunity, you go out there make it happen. That’s all we think about is day by day right now, and then I’m sure before that first game, we’ll have that same conversation and then go game by game.”

Q: Do you have any catch phrases that remind you of the big picture?

MAHOMES: “Nah, I’m not a catchphrase guy. I just kind of keep guys motivated, that’s just by continuing to finish, continuing to go out there and work, and just have that mindset every single day.”

Q: You worked with Deneric Prince a lot today. What have you seen from him?

MAHOMES: “Yeah, I mean he (Deneric Prince) can catch the ball in the back field, he can run the ball really well, and he’s getting better and better with the protection stuff, so I think they’re just continuing to get him reps. We’re going to have a deep running back room, and it’s always good to have those guys that we can trust to be in there for the big moments of the game.”

Q: I know Head Coach Andy Reid has talked about pushing it early in camp and not being afraid to throw interceptions. Is there a time in camp where you start scaling it back and focus on being more precise?

MAHOMES: “Not necessarily. It’s just whenever you make a mistake, just don’t do it again. Just don’t do repeat type of interceptions. If you throw a ball in a tight window and it gets tipped up or picked, that’s fine, that’s pushing and trying to make it happen. If you throw a ball and it does get picked and it’s not in the right spot and it’s a bad interception in your brain, just make sure you don’t repeat that same mistake. Learn from it and just keep moving on.”

Q: You’ve been successful with the impromptu plays on the field. Earlier you were talking to Richie James about that. How long does it take for a new guy like him to pick up on your impromptu plays?

MAHOMES: “I think Richie’s (James) been doing a great job of it. There are just some things I tell guys that I don’t think you run in a lot of other offenses. I was scrambling to the left, he tried to work back, and I told him just run down the other sideline, I’ll still throw it to you. I know that’s not really taught in a lot of other offenses, but just him having that mindset knowing that the whole field is open at all times, and I’ll throw it back across the field and try to keep it away from the defenders.”

Q: How do you keep the edge on the team?

MAHOMES: “Yeah, I think we all have it. We have a lot of guys out here that are super competitive, but it’s about just doing it the right way. (Travis) Trav (Kelce) punching the guy, not necessarily the way you want to do it, but you love the fire. You love the fire on both sides of the ball. Trying to finish to the last second, but that’s just the type of guys we are. We’re going to compete, we’re going to argue on the football field, and then we’re going to love each other in the locker room. We have a lot of dudes that are super competitive on this team.”

Q: The past two years there has been a lot of turnover in the wide receiver room. When was it last year that you recognized that it was all going to fit together?

MAHOMES: “Just out here. It’s how I feel this year. When you have a lot of guys that can rotate in that I trust are going to do the right decision and make the right play and make the play when they’re called upon, that’s when you know you’re in a good spot. I feel like that now. You look at our depth chart in receivers and it just – I’ve always said, every one of these dudes can make the football team. That speaks to (General Manager) Brett Veach and (Head) Coach (Andy) Reid bringing in the right guys, and these guys working their tail off. I’ve been in there with all types of different receivers, and we have a lot of guys that can make plays in that room.”


Q: What was the first day of pads like for you?

ROSS: “It was very exciting; it was very exciting. I was real anxious, real excited just to get out there and get back to it.”

Q: And the first hit, the first couple pops?

ROSS: “Beautiful (laughter). I loved it, I couldn’t wait.”

Q: Considering you haven’t played in a real game in a while, what are your expectations for yourself this season?

ROSS: “Just to take advantage of the opportunity. You never know what the future may bring, but right now I’m just taking it day-by-day, step-by-step really.”

Q: The first preseason game is going to be 21 months exactly from your last college game. How much are you looking forward to that and what do you want to learn about yourself in that game?

ROSS: “Very excited man. Ready to go out there and take some hits, hopefully just have a great game and win the game.”

Q: Marquez Valdes-Scantling said he took you and Rashee Rice under his wing because you guys have similar builds. What impact has he been on you so far?

ROSS: “He’s been a great impact. I look at MVS (Marquez Valdes-Scantling) as a big brother for sure. He’s always that guy that’s going to want you to finish that rep, he’s always going to want you to finish the catch and everything like that, so I look at MVS as a big brother for sure.”


Q: How’s camp been going so far?

NNADI: “Man, we are in St. Joe. Our Head Coach is Coach (Andy) Reid, it’s going to be tough no matter what, but we are grinding it out.”

Q: What have you seen from Keondre Coburn and Felix Anudike-Uzomah?

NNADI: “They have a lot of potential; they show flashes day in day out coming to practice. They’re like sponges, especially Keondre (Coburn), I’ve been working with him just trying to make sure he stays locked in on the things we got to do. Felix (Anudike-Uzomah) he is improving every single day, in terms on one on ones, pass rush, things like that. I expect a lot of promising things from these two kids.”

Q: What kind of fundamentals are you working on this year and in camp?

NNADI: “Techniques, working on playing the run, I’ve been telling a lot of our guys since day one ‘You may feel good now, but you have to build up a routine to take care of your body because it’s going to be a long one.’”

Q: What did it mean to win the Super Bowl a second time and take us back to that moment when you guys knew you were World Champions?

NNADI: “I was how I was the first time; I just couldn’t believe it. In my head its always too good to be true, but it always a long time coming to get all the way to there (Super Bowl) again and win it. We’ve been through a lot of obstacles in my career from losing in the AFC Championship, going there and winning it, going there and losing it, going there and losing it at the AFC Championship game and then to come back again and win it is a lot of trial and tribulations and it just goes to show with the guys in our locker room how much we fight to get where we need to go.”