Reid, Mahomes Quotes: July 25

Reid, Mahomes Quotes: July 25


OPENING STATEMENT: “Alright as far as injuries go, Kadarius (Toney) had surgery on his knee this morning for cartilage and we should be relatively quick as we go here, he wanted to get that thing taken care of. And then (Tershawn) Wharton is still on PUP. Isaiah Moore had a little knee inflammation but did some stuff this morning. Shout out to Lebron and (Lebron) Jr., just hope that he’s okay as we go here. That’s a tough deal that he’s going through right now. On the football side, it was good work today. The guys were challenging each other, we were able to put the shells on today, and then the practice kicked up to an hour and 55-minutes. So, we’re continuing to ramp up here. We’ll take a little step back once we get into pads on Friday, but for these next two, today and tomorrow, we’ll be back hour and 55-minute practice with shells. But I like the tempo, I like the challenge that the guys are doing, you are getting a good offensive play, good defensive play, offensive play, defensive play. And so, they’re busting their tail with each other and still taking care of business. Alright with that, times yours.”

Q: What do you see as a timetable for Kadarius Toney in getting him back out here?

REID: “There’s a chance, there’s a chance for the first game, but we’ll see. We’ll just have to see how the recovery goes with him. But he’s bound and determined he’s going to be there for the first game, we’ll see how it goes.”

Q: Does this change your thought on using him on special teams at all?

REID: “No, let’s see how he does. Let’s see how the rehab part goes and if you have to have a surgery, I think we caught it at a good time. It looked like it was good when they were in there, all of that. So, as long as the recovery goes well, I’m pulling for him there in a positive way.”

Q: You guys had big plans for Kadarius Toney on offense heading into the year, how much can this really change your scheme? 

REID: “Listen, I look at it the other way, I go ‘I’m glad they caught it, that it happened this early where he can get himself back and we have a lot of time still left.’ He’s a smart kid, he picks this stuff up fairly easy, I don’t think he’s going to have a tough time getting back in, it’s just back into football shape.”

Q: Just to clarify on some timetable stuff, did he have a surgery during the offseason as well?

REID: “No, no no. What was it last, year before? When he was with the (New York) Giants.”

Q: For Kadarius Toney, he wants to get back out here, how hard is it to keep him from trying to push it too hard to get back too soon?

REID: “Yeah (Vice President of Sports Medicine and Performance) Rick (Burkholder) will take care of the tempo on that. So, he’ll use his people there and do a good job with that.”

Q: Is it something that potentially could linger into the regular season?

REID: “I don’t think so, I think getting it done now is a good thing, as opposed to it lingering and then getting worse and worse. I’m glad he got it knocked out and done.”

Q: On Patrick Mahomes and the changes to the offensive personnel.

REID: “Yeah so, the urgency picked up a little bit today with the shells on and it’ll pick up another notch with the pads on and looked like they picked it up a little bit today. And as long as they can do that and hang with the schemes that are taking place, I think they’re going to be okay. They’ve been good players in the past and they’ve got good tape, and so I think they’re going to be okay. They’ve got to push through, there’s a certain level that we expect to be at.”

Q: One more thing about Kadarius Toney, what specifically happened on that play?

REID: “Yeah, really part of his meniscus tore.”

Q: Was it the way he turned?

REID: “Yeah, the way he turned. You know he might have had a little something in there anyways and it just you know, caught a little bit more. So, you take care of those things and get them knocked out.”

Q: Isiah Pacheco had some snaps in 7-on-7 today, how eager is he to get going?

REID: “He’s one you really got to watch, right. That guy, he’s doing good. He’s hundred miles an hour on everything, you got to tell him in walk through’s that it’s not full speed. You know he’s one of those guys, so it’s good that he got a couple plays in.”

Q: What do you think the key with Jerick McKinnon becoming who he’s become after all he’s been through. What does he still do for you guys?

REID: “He’s smart. He was a legitimate quarterback in college on a good team. Then he got in the league, and he had some productive years, injuries got him there for a bit. You know, we’re lucky enough to get him here. He’s just solid, somebody that you trust in everything he does, all phases of the game. So, he plays special teams, he can do everything.”

Q: “With his age at that position how do you approach his workload?

REID: “Yeah, he’s a dinosaur. When you’re nine-ten years into the running back position that has a lifespan of three years if you’re lucky, that’s a tribute to him and the way he takes care of himself.”

Q: Isiah Pacheco, one thing from last year, he had the best stuff rate, what is it about him that can let him find extra yards?

REID: “Yeah, he can continue to work on that, he’ll get better with that, just getting his pad level down. He’s got great feet and good vision, and then he runs extremely hard. It’s not the flashiest thing you’ve seen – it’s so productive though and that effort. You see it everywhere, you see it in practice, you see it everywhere. He keeps that same speed.”

Q: Have you had a chance to talk to Dave Toub about special teams and who will be on kickoff?

REID: “Yeah, we’ll see, we have some competition back there, we’ll just see how it goes. I don’t want to slide anybody out because they are still competing, but we’ll see. We got a lot of guys that can do it.”

Q: On the new kickoff rules. Are you guys planning to fair catch it a lot?

REID: “Yeah, we’ll see, we’ll just play that through the preseason games, see how things go.”

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July 25, 2023


Q: Can you talk about the difference in practice as things start ramping up?

MAHOMES: “I like it because it kind of builds a more game like atmosphere. Obviously, it’s harder. Guys have to continue to build through, but in a game not everything is going to be perfect, so I think having these little bit longer practices, you go through the ups and downs of practices and you see how guys respond. Obviously the first one is a little harder for most guys, but I thought the guys did a great job of battling through and some positive stuff happened out there.”

Q: As a team leader, what do you say to Kadarius Toney as he goes through rehab?

MAHOMES: “I think his head is in the right spot regardless. He came in with the mentality that he was going to work and try to get himself better. Obviously, he had the little deal happen, I think the best deal about it is he can get it cleaned up, whatever it is. He’s in all the meetings, he’s still watching film with me and we’re talking through everything we’re doing, so as long as his head’s right there and he’s learning that way, I have no doubt his physical ability will be there. So, I’m just glad he’s here, he’s going to be in the building, all the different meetings because this is where we really set the offense on how we’re going to go throughout the season.”

Q: What do you miss without Kadarius Toney being out there?

MAHOMES: “I mean it’s just reps. I think just getting reps with him. The thing is we’re hopeful we’re going to have him back for that first game so just getting those reps and then hopefully when we get him back out there, he can kind of just pick up where he left off. We got a lot of reps this summer in the offseason, so I think that helped out a ton. I mean his talent – everybody knows how talented he is and I’m just excited for him to learn the offense from the start. Last year, he picked it up as we were in advanced mode. Now he gets to see the beginner and work his way through it, and I’m excited for him when he gets back to be ready to go.”

Q: Is there anyone you’re looking to step up with Kadarius Toney out?

MAHOMES: “Not necessarily. I think a lot of guys will fill that role throughout training camp. I want guys to just be themselves – I think you’ve seen in this offense, it can be run in a lot of different ways so obviously when Kadarius (Toney) is in there, we run it a certain way because of his talent and what he can do. When he’s not in there, we can run it a different way to really accelerate the other guys’ talents. Guys like Skyy Moore and Rashee Rice will step up, as well as guys like Marquez (Valdes-Scantling) and Justin Watson. We have a lot of tight ends – we have a lot of depth in this entire team this year so I’m just excited for guys to go out there and seize their opportunity.”

Q: What do you do to work with the guys that are new to the offense?

MAHOMES: “I like to test guys because I feel like now, I have a good sense of the offense obviously. So, I like to try to do stuff to see how guys react, that’s using a lot of different cadences throughout practice and see if the offensive line will sit in there with the new guys and be off the ball at the right time. Or if that’s with the receivers, I know there was one down in the redzone today with Justin Ross where I tried to throw him the fade ball and that’s not something that he necessarily is taught to do but it’s the next step. So, let’s try it out here, if he messes up and he doesn’t do it right, the next time whenever we get to the game days, he’ll do it right and score a touchdown. It’s stuff like that, it’s testing guys doing stuff that maybe is not as talked about in the meeting room but stuff we do throughout our offense, and this is where you test it out. (Head) Coach (Andy) Reid gives me the freedom to do that.”

Q: How did having a lot of new players last year help you develop best practices for working with new players going forward?

MAHOMES: “I think it helped with me being able to teach the guys what I want. And (Head) Coach (Andy) Reid gave me the freedom to do that. Obviously like I said we do stuff out here – there might be some mistakes and we go into the film room and Coach Reid lets me talk a lot and obviously he’s going to get his points across because he is the master of the offense, but he can let the guys hear it from me and give me the freedom to do that. When we do the walk throughs, same thing. So having that experience last year with a lot of new guys I can kind of talk through it and have more confidence knowing that I’m saying the right thing. It’s just evolution of the quarterback position, being able to learn more and teach the other guys around you.”

Q: What have you seen from Trent McDuffie in coverage so far in camp compared to last year?

MAHOMES: “I know last year he was going to be good because he’s always in the right spot. Now the next evolution for him is making the interceptions. He’s always going to be in the right spot, he’s a smart player, he’s physically gifted, he does a lot of great things. I talk to him and (L’Jarius) Sneed and all those guys a lot, especially out here, I’m going to test you, I’m going to see if I can get those throws in. I think you saw yesterday I got one in and today he (Trent McDuffie) got his hands on one and almost had an interception. Today is where you do a lot, try to test each other and see how you can improve together. Some days it’s me making throws, some days it’s them making plays. Luckily, I have (Head Coach Andy) Reid and (Offensive Coordinator) Coach (Matt) Nagy and all these guys to push the limit to an extent and still go out there and have success.”

Q: What are your thoughts on pads coming on Friday and what are your thoughts on Drue Tranquill in training camp?

MAHOMES: “Yeah as far as the pads you want to see that next step for both sides of the ball. You want to see especially with the offensive line, with two new guys on the edges, how we can do in the run game. What we can get away with if we’re pulling guys, if we’re zone blocking, whatever that is you want to see where you can be at and there’s times especially in training camp where I’ll leave the run on and see if we can just run it. It may be not the right box we are looking for but let’s see if the guys can make it happen anyway. So definitely that with the pads. Then with Drue (Tranquill), he’s just a smart player so I hated playing against him because he’s one of those linebackers that’s calling out what you’re saying at the line of scrimmage because he studies that much, so I’ve already had to make up all new code words because I can hear him on the other side. He’s a smart player. He’s gifted. He’s good at covering as well as being in the right spot in the run game. So, I think it’s just – I mean that linebacker room, if you look at it, man top to bottom its great players. So, I’m excited for that room to really take that next step. We got a lot of great players in that room. I think it can be one of the best in the league.”

Q: Do you have an appreciation for Jerick McKinnon and what it takes for him to keep playing at his age?

MAHOMES: “You said it, he’s always been a great player. And injuries, they can get a lot of guys, especially in the NFL sometimes you get passed over because of those injuries. He does it the right way, that’s why, even though he’s had those injuries, he trains. I talked to Jerick (McKinnon), he’s in the meeting room, he’s learning so when he gets back from injury, he’s ready to go, he’s always doing stuff the right way. And I think it helps teach everybody not just the running back room – I mean it teaches me ‘Hey I might not be getting the rep but I’m on the side talking through what’s going on. I’m making sure that everybody in my room knows exactly what I’m thinking so I can learn from them.’ That’s the type of players you need on this team. I’ve always said it, when he’s back there he might call the protection for me that’s how well he knows the offense. Just having a guy like that you can trust that can make plays whenever it counts, those are the type of guys I’m glad that we have on this team.”

Q: Can you elaborate on how he does that?

MAHOMES: “People talk about a vet, someone you learn from. I think the definition is him, obviously he can go out there and make it happen. You see who makes the biggest plays in the biggest moments in the season, you love having those guys. He’s not – I guess the word is selfish, he’s not keeping all that knowledge to himself, he’s telling everybody. Guys like Travis Kelce are the same way, it’s not about just being the greatest player you can be it’s about making the team great. And he’s one of those players that make the entire team great.”


Q: How badly do you feel like Isiah Pacheco wants to be involved in everything right now?

MCKINNON: “Very badly. Everybody knows the energy he brings, you know, his motor, his engine, the way he works. But at the same time, it’s a process, not only is it about camp but right now it’s about down the road, being healthy for the season, and having that durability to last in the season. We know how badly he wants to be out there but at the same time, he has to take care of himself, get to 100%, and be available for the team.”

Q: Patrick Mahomes basically called you ‘Yoda’, you know so much and have studied the plays so much.How do you feel you and Patrick Mahomes have evolved in a way that allows that to happen? Do you feel that’s an essential part of what you do, adding that wisdom to the offense?

MCKINNON: “Definitely, just having my quarterback background in college and playing in multiple systems and being able to see the overall view of the offense, not just from the running back position. It definitely benefits me coming into the game and being on the same page as Patrick (Mahomes). I think last year definitely showed being on the same page as Patrick, hooking up multiple times, touchdown here and there, I definitely think it benefited. For me, it’s about taking what I learned and trying to trickle it down to the younger guys and help them understand the overall view so that no matter who’s in there, it’s the same result.”

Q: But do you feel like Yoda?

MCKINNON: “I feel young, I still got the juice, but I don’t know about Yoda. I’m well-seasoned.”

Q: You said you still got ‘the juice’, what did it take to get through the period of the injuries and at the increasing age at the time, and what inside of you drove that?

MCKINNON: “My will. My heart. That’s not a tough injury to come back from, you’ve seen some guys come back better than before, and you’ve seen some guys not come back better than before. You know, that’s just the testament, the will, God; believing in God, family, friends, close ones, my teammates, everybody just contributed and piled into me and was the driver of motivation.”


Q: Has the Andy Reid training camp experience lived up to the hype?

OMENIHU: “Yeah, definitely. It’s definitely challenging, definitely something that every day you got to prepare your body for. But it’s good, with a team that’s very talented, offensive line very talented as far as my perspective, a quarterback that’s very talented. Every day you come out here in this kind of training camp environment, and it pushes you to have to keep your mental up, physical shape, and conditioning.”

Q: Do you feel like you are getting acclimated?

OMENIHU: “I think I’m doing pretty good. The biggest difference is just dropping, that’s something I haven’t done my whole career, so that’s something that I’m everyday learning, asking questions, and trying to get better at. As far as the role of rushing inside and out, it’s been good, definitely what I’ve been doing and continuing to just improve in that and those two areas.”

Q: Did you do any drops at Texas?

OMENIHU: “A little bit, but that was like five years ago.”

Q: Is there anything else you have picked up here at camp or the team in general.”

OMENIHU: “I like talking to the o-line as far as what they see from me. Deficiencies and stuff I can be better at. You got a guy like Jawaan (Taylor) and Donovan (Smith) who are vets and guys that have really made their stamp in the league. It’s good to go against those guys every day.”