Chiefs Quotes: July 20

Chiefs Quotes: July 20

Read what Chamarri Conner, Isiah Pacheco and Mike Edwards said on Thursday.


Q: It looks like you’ve been lining up at different spots out there, is that something you feel comfortable with?

CONNER: “Yes, I’m definitely comfortable with it. I’ve been doing it for most of my career, so it’s definitely something that I like doing and feel comfortable doing.”

Q: What’s been the best thing so far about working with (Defensive Coordinator) Steve Spagnuolo?

CONNER: “Just learning from Coach Spags (Steve Spagnuolo), you know he is always on me, so just to get all of that information from him and learn from somebody who has been doing this for so long has been great for me.”

Q: What has been (Defensive Backs Coach) Dave Merritt’s message to you early through OTAs that has now translated to training camp?

CONNER: “Just getting the information and put it on the field, show that I can do it and apply myself.”

Q: How great is it to have a camp for just the rookies and a couple veterans so you get a little more attention?

CONNER: “It’s great to be out here before the veterans get back into the swing of things. When they get back, you already know, it’s go-time. It’s already go-time, but it’s definitely going to be up when the veterans get here. So, it’s great to get here early, get on the field, and get in the swing of things.”


Q: From year one to year two, what are you looking forward to improving upon?

PACHECO: “It’s the details. Detailing my notes more. Just finding little things to get better at. And for me, I want to run for 1,000 yards, so that’s the goal obviously, but it starts here today in practice, day by day.”

Q: What do you enjoy most about training camp from last years’ experience? 

PACHECO: “It’s the work, you know what I’m saying. This is where you get the most out of it, and ain’t nothing better than the camp when you’re with your guys and you’re pushing each other day in and day out to get better.”

Q: Were you glad to see Jerick McKinnon resign with the team and come back? I’m sure he was a big help for you last year.

PACHECO: “Absolutely. Jerick was a leader, and he still calls in to check up on us, even day in and day out so far, checking in. So, excited to get to it.”

Q: With the rehab, when did you feel that it put you in a position to be available this early into camp?

PACHECO: “That was getting the rehab right after the Super Bowl and hitting on it hard, so therefore when the time comes, like this, I’m prepared.”

Q: Did you feel like you knew that after the ring ceremony, or was there something that you did between the ring ceremony and Training Camp just to make sure you were ready for this?

PACHECO: “Just the mindset. Work hard every day in and day out. Unsatisfied, like I said, so I just have to keep finding that edge and keep working.”


Q: What makes Kansas City a good fit for you?

EDWARDS: “Everything. The coaching staff, Andy Reid down to (Defensive Coordinator) Spags (Steve Spagnuolo), to (Defensive Backs) Coach (Dave) Merritt and everything. Just overall a great defensive system, great coaching staff, I love the players here. They won the Super Bowl last year, always a good winning program, so I want to come be a part of something like that.”

Q: Andy Reid’s camps are known throughout the league to be a little bit tougher, have you got the feel, even just in this early portion?

EDWARDS: “Yea, it’s real for sure. It’s not like how it’s going to be whenever everybody else comes back in a few weeks. I know it’s going to ramp up even more, so I have to get in top shape but even now it’s tough, it’s tough. It’s good work though, it’s definitely what everybody needs to be ready for the first game and everything, it’s good work.”

Q: How to do you anticipate your role with this team, obviously Justin (Reid) here, Bryan (Cook) is an up-and-coming guy, how do you see yourself fitting in?

EDWARDS: “Wherever, wherever they need me safety, dime, nickel, wherever they want to fit me at. I know we got guys all over from top to bottom playing dime, corner. Everybody playing, we have a lot of DB’s so wherever they want to fit me in I’ll fit in and try to learn, like I said, learn the playbook, learn each spot, learn the ins and outs of the defense. Wherever they want me at.”

Q: A lot of players when they first get here, they talk about seeing the standard being different from other places, do you see that, or have you noticed it at all?

EDWARDS: “Yea, for sure. You can see why they win all the time, from training camp, OTA’s, minicamp, everything. They just do it the right way, and they do it hard, challenging the body, keeping everybody to a high standard. You can see why they win and why they are going for the Super Bowl every year, that’s the main goal is to win the Super Bowl.”