Chiefs Rookie Quotes: July 19

Chiefs Rookie Quotes: July 19

Read what Felix Anudike-Uzomah, Rashee Rice and Wanya Morris said at Training Camp on Wednesday.


Q: Andy’s camp is known to be pretty hard, what did you do to prepare?

RICE: “During the summer, through the break, I was meeting with (QB) Shane Buechele, every day, every morning, just running routes, and putting the ball at each hash so we could work our own 2-minute drills.”

Q: What was it like having (RB Isiah) Pacheco out there supporting you guys?

RICE: “It was great because during OTAs I know he wanted to be out there a lot. Just seeing him run down that hill, he was moving as fast as he could just to do the warmups, so we can tell he’s excited to be on the field right now.”

Q: Obviously it’s day 1 and it’s going to get tougher, but do you feel like you are physically prepared for camp?

RICE: “Yes, 100%. I lost a lot of weight during the off time that we had so that I could come back and be lighter on my feet. Honestly, out here it’s just me trying to hydrate as much as I can because I knew I was going to sweat a lot.”

Q: Players often talk about Coach Reid’s playbook, have you jumped into that a lot yet?

RICE: “Ya. I mean like I said, meeting with Shane during our break gave me a head start just because he is a quarterback, and he can’t really take a break from the playbook. Everyday I’m going to be meeting with Shane in his dorm to go over plays before the next day.”


Q: What have you done to prepare for this game over the past month or so?

MORRIS: “Try to stay in shape. You get all that time off and it’s just about time management. It’s about staying in shape doing conditioning, keeping your technique sharp. Just doing all those little things to make sure I’m ready for this camp.”

Q: What have you learned from Donovan Smith in OTAs and minicamp that you can take into this camp?

MORRIS: “Donovan is a great guy, he’s taught me a lot. You know just because I’m a young guy and he’s got a lot of experience. He played with (former Patriots and Buccaneers QB) Tom Brady and now he plays with Patrick Mahomes, great quarterbacks. He taught me a lot about my hands, holding them higher and just be smart and just chill because they got to come to you anyways.”

Q: How comfortable are you being able to play tackle on both sides?

MORRIS: “Very comfortable. I’m good with whatever Coach (Reid) asks me to do. I just feel like there’s no difference in playing sides. And whatever Coach needs me to do that’s what I’ll do.”

Q: How much are you looking forward to putting the pads on and really being able to play offensive line?

MORRIS: “Hey, like you said, offensive line. That’s what we do, we’re in the trenches. I hit people for fun. I’m very excited to get out there and work with these guys. Great talent out here and just each day get better. That’s all I’m worried about, getting better each day.”


Q: Felix, seems like you guys already have a good comradery amongst the rookies. What’s it been like to do it all and experience it all for the first time together? 

ANUDIKE-UZOMAH: “I feel good, during OTA’s and minicamp we were all together, after practice we will all hang out with each other and stuff like that, it’s good to bond more. I know Ya (Wanya Morris) for a long time, been playing against him too, so I have good comradery already with him. Also, Pak (Ekow Boye-Doe) he’s been a teammate of mine too, so we already bonded from that.

Q: How tough was it to live through OTA’s and not being able to participate?

ANUDIKE-UZOMAH: “It was very tough, especially since they drafted me to play me right away. They drafted me in the first round so all the coaches expected a lot out of me. So, it was very hard, very tough that I can’t do exactly what they want me to do right away. It was just a lot of mental reps, a lot of learning the playbook, a lot of knowing player technique even though I can’t do it on the field, I have to do it mentally.”

Q: I believe before you said you came up here to camp as a kid. What was that first day like being on the other side of the fence?

ANUDIKE-UZOMAH: “I had to soak it all in at first because I remember sitting at the stands, I believe it was 2013, sitting at the stands just watching all the guys. And then me actually walking on this grass pad just to come down to camp, it’s a dream come true. But at the same time, although I’m in this dream, I have to show for it.”

Q: You mentioned before about playing for your hometown team. From the draft until camp, was there a moment where someone from Kansas City said something to you about playing for the Chiefs that inspired you?

ANUDIKE-UZOMAH: “I remember I was on the float (at the 2023 NFL Draft) with (future Chiefs Hall of Famer) Dante HallBasically, he said it really simple, ‘Honestly, you play football for a reason, just go out and play. There’s no thought into it, there’s no overthinking it, just go out there and play because at the end of the day, this is just a game. So, once you just play literally just a game like how you did in little league, and just play, do everything right, do everything possible, eat right, do everything, work on your body, everything will just play in place.’ So that’s basically the most simple thing he said and I’ll take it forever.”

How meaningful was it to have someone that you probably watched growing up share that with you?

ANUDIKE-UZOMAH: “It was very meaningful. Especially just literally two days before, just seeing him. It’s very meaningful, especially the position he was because he was ‘that guy’ on the Chiefs. So, it was just very meaningful to be next to him, just him giving me some advice.”