Andy Reid quotes, January 19

Andy Reid quotes, January 19

OPENING STATEMENT: “So, really the only person who didn’t practice was Mecole (Hardman). We backed off him just to see if we couldn’t get him back going this week, so he’ll most likely be listed as out going forward. It’s not for lack of effort, it’s just the injury, and he’s working through it. (We) look forward to the challenge of playing the Jags. We know they’re a good football team, obviously, everybody playing right now are good football teams. We like the part that we’re able to play at home here – in front of our home crowd we know they’ll be wild. Our guys have had a good week of practice. We’ve got to go out and execute and do the things that we do. Anyways with that, the time’s yours.”

Q: Any chance that Clyde Edwards-Helaire or Jody Fortson gets activated this week?

REID: “I’ll go back and talk – I haven’t talked to (General Manager Brett) Veach about that yet, but probably not, I’d tell you.”

Q: Frank Clark has been limited the last couple of days. What do you anticipate for him for Saturday’s game?

REID: “I just talked to him, so I can tell you this, hot off the press, right (laughter)? So he actually feels very good, and he practiced well today, and really yesterday.”

Q: What luxury does it bring that you’ve had the same offensive line all season?

REID: “It’s also good that they get along. That group is a tight group and normally it is with most teams, I think but they enjoy playing with each other and they do well – and just the familiarity, especially when you get into the games and all those things. I’m saying the twist and things that go on from a good defensive line, in which they’re going to be playing. Those two inside techniques are powerful men and the two outside guys can fly so it becomes very important.”

Q: The first time that you played the Jaguars, their record wasn’t very good. What have you seen from them during this hot streak? I’d assume you are seeing good things from that front.

REID: “Yeah, you bet. They’ve improved every week and they have bought in. (Jaguars Head Coach) Doug (Pederson) has done a great job, as his coaches have. It takes everybody, but he’s done a nice job with that group.”

Q: The Jaguars came back to beat the Chargers last week. Are there any extra notes to keep the pressure on if you build the lead?

REID: “One of the neat things is that everybody saw it, so you don’t have to say much. I mean, that was a great job by Jacksonville. Our guys are – they’re obviously aware of that – four quarters of football. You get to these rounds and these games are normally separated by one score traditionally, so you’ve got to play for four quarters. Absolutely.”

Q: You’ve dealt with a lot of quarterbacks. Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence got off to such a rough start. Can you put yourself in Jaguars Head Coach Doug Pederson’s shoes and speak about how he was able to get him right to complete the comeback?

REID: “He did a great job. You see that clip of one of their offensive linemen talking to him and they supported him and that’s what it’s all about. I mean, the kid’s won ever since he was in grammar school, so he’s a pretty good player.”

Q: On going to Germany next season.

REID: “Listen, I haven’t thought about it (laughter). I look forward to getting a bratwurst. I haven’t thought about it. We’re so focused in on this thing that – that’s (Executive Vice President of Communications) Ted (Crews) and the front office that are doing that.”