Andy Reid Quotes: Seattle

Andy Reid Quotes: Seattle

OPENING STATEMENT: “Alright, good win. (We) appreciate the fans and them sitting through that cold – that was brisk out there. I was proud of our guys for the job that they did in the game. (Juan) Thornhill’s pick I thought was (a) great way to finish there. Trav (Kelce) and Pat (Mahomes) with that series there, it ended up being a big one for us. We kind of went through a stall there and had too many mistakes, dropped balls, fumble – whatever – too much. But anyways, (we) bounced back and took care of that. I thought overall our defense had just a great day. And some of those young guys, 21 (Trent McDuffie), 6 (Bryan Cook), 35 (Jaylen Watson), these guys played their tails off. (Nick) Bolton, another big day with 17 tackles. And the D-line, I thought, was extraordinary. I know it was an emotional game for Frank Clark having played there, so making sure he came out of the right tunnel, right? He did a nice job. Other than that, we had no injuries, so time’s yours.”

Q: What went into the decision to have L’Jarius Sneed shadow/lockdown Seahawks WR DK Metcalf the whole game?

REID: “Yeah, well, that was the scheme that Spags (Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo) had set up going in. I thought he did a nice job, that’s a good football player right there. And so, (L’Jarius) Sneed is a good football player too, so matching them up, I thought, that was a smart thing by Spags. I thought our coaches did have a good game plan together too. My hat goes off to them.”

Q: What was it about today’s matchup that worked for you guys?

REID: “Well, we thought it was a good matchup and they’ve had some injuries there. Their other primary receiver was down.”

Q: What kind of testimony is it to the character and grit of the team just to take care of business today with the elements the way they were today?

REID: “Yeah, again, it was a little cold, but I thought the guys did a nice job with it. They didn’t let it hinder them. I think a couple of the dropped balls, however, might have been that and we weren’t squeezing it hard enough. But, I was proud of the guys and how they took care of business, and especially on a short week. So, Seattle was coming off a long week and they came in, I would imagine, pretty fresh there and our guys powered through the week. For a short week, (they) did a nice job.”

Q: Does it feel a little bit more important to get something out of those young guys at this point in the season knowing that you’re going to need them?

REID: “Yeah,  (it’s) real important because I’ve mentioned it the other way the last couple of weeks that they need to – they’re making progress, but we need to get better and I thought the guys did a nice job of that today. And I do think that’s important down the stretch.”

Q: You were kind of struggling there on offense with dropped balls, but you kept plugging away. When you finally got something there at the end with it, did it feel a little bit better?

REID: “Yeah, we weren’t doing very well – whether it was the run game, pass game, I take responsibility for that too. I got to try to work things in our favor, but that’s not where we were going. And then, we hit those couple to Trav and I thought that was big. Obviously.”

Q: When the offense is going through that, how important is ball security?

REID: “Yeah, ball security ends up being important and so is how the defense is playing. The defense was playing well and so we didn’t force anything on the offensive side, although we were trying to score touchdowns. You don’t want to slight that, we just – things weren’t clicking. But, if it weren’t for the defense playing so well, then that could’ve been a real issue.”

Q: How big were those fourth downs for the defense?

REID: “Yeah, unbelievable. The guys, that’s a lot of intestinal fortitude there.”

Q: Ever since Patrick Mahomes took over as the starter, you have had at least 12 wins a season. How do you continue to do that with being in such a competitive league?

REID: “Yeah, well, how great is that though? And the accolades that he receives, he deserves all of them. And then, the guys around him also working in with that and making it happen. But, it’s a tribute to Pat and the energy that he’s brought to the group and then the guys rallying around him, obviously.”