Mahomes Quotes, Jacksonville Game

Mahomes Quotes, Jacksonville Game

Check out what Patrick Mahomes said after the 27-17 win over Jacksonville.

Q: What’d you say to Kadarius Toney after his first TD?

MAHOMES: “I honestly don’t know exactly what I said but I was hyped up for him. It was funny because we had some plays designed for him to score but if you would’ve told me one play that I didn’t think he was going to score on it was that one, but it was cool to see. I mean everybody was excited for him. Luckily, he didn’t run out of bounds, he was getting close there on the sideline. I actually heard him as the route was going on going, “Ayyyyyy” because he was wide open so that helped me out a little bit.”

Q: Was that a stray thing that worked out or a designed play?

MAHOMES: “Yeah, I mean it’s obviously in the play design but it’s like the fifth read. He was kind of the distraction guy trying to bring guys over and then I wanted to kind of go flat to the stick routes, to the over to Kelce and then I heard him yelling and I was like, ‘Man who’s yelling at me over there?” I looked over and he’s wide open so he was the last read in that play but in this offense that last read might be open sometimes so you’ve got to stay ready for it.”

Q: Why do you think Kadarius Toney has adjusted so easily?

MAHOMES: “Yeah, I mean first off, he’s a smart guy. He’s learned a lot fast. We’ve been able to put him in positions – especially a lot more this week – but he’s a smart guy, (he) plays hard and whenever he’s got his opportunities, he’s made plays happen. This offense is – like I’ve said all year, it’s going to be everywhere – and I think you saw that again today. Guys stepped up and made plays happen and that’s the special part about this offense.”

Q: On Marquez Valdes-Scantling scoring his first touchdown as a Kansas City Chief.

MAHOMES: “Yeah I was excited for him because he’s made a lot of big plays happen and I feel like I’ve not under, under thrown but underthrown him enough that he hasn’t had some of these big play touchdowns that you expect from him and so for him to – another play where he’s not necessarily the first read but working his way, getting himself open and making a play, I’m excited for him because he’s kept it going. He’s kept – even though he’s not scoring touchdowns he’s making himself ready and available and that’s a big part of this offense.”

Q: Do you sometimes subconsciously try to force it to him?

MAHOMES: “I’ve tried my best this year to not try to do that. I let (Head) Coach (Andy) Reid call the plays, (Offensive Coordinator) Coach (Eric) Bieniemy call the plays and I let the game come to me and I think

that’s helped me be even more efficient this year and now if I can just stop throwing dumb fourth quarter interceptions I’d have some good games.”

Q: What’d you think of the hit on JuJu Smith-Schuster?

MAHOMES: “Yeah, it’s tough man. I don’t think there was any like ill-intent from the player. I mean he’s just trying to knock the ball loose and do stuff like that but obviously there was some helmet-to-helmet contact, and we want to get that out of the league as much as possible for player safety. So, if we can review that and kind of make it to where there can be some type of penalty or something. I mean obviously you want to get that stuff out of the league as much as possible.”

Q: Do you mean make that call reviewable?

MAHOMES: “No, it’s so hard in this league, man, because these guys on defense are playing too. They’re trying to do their best to stop us but by the rules if it’s helmet to helmet it’s supposed to be a flag and I know that guy wasn’t trying to and I know it’s a bang-bang call that doesn’t always go your way but you want to do your best to try to get that stuff out of the leagues so that we can have those guys out there playing and being safe.”

Q: Isiah Pacheco was more involved in the game tonight and was the key running back. How much help has he been?

MAHOMES: “Yeah, he stepped up and had a big game. I mean especially – you like to see guys respond – I mean he was running the ball really well in that first drive and had the fumble. Some guys can shut it down and we kind of went right back to him (and) let him keep running it and he stepped up. It’s a great running back room. We’ve got a lot of guys that play well and when the offensive line’s protecting like they were doing today and run blocking like they were that makes our team really, really hard to stop.”

Q: On the progress of Isiah Pacheco from training camp to early in the season, to now. Are you surprised by his progress?

MAHOMES: “Not really. He’s a smart guy as well. This offense is hard especially on the running back position to learn because you have to do all the protections, you have to do all the routes, and run the ball and we have different type of run schemes and so for him, he has all the talent in the world so now he’s going to continue to get better and better as he learns those little tricks of the trade to kind of go out there and make stuff happen. This read might not be exactly how it was scouted during the week but how can I make this run work and as he gets more and more reps, he’ll get better and better.”

Q: Did you see JuJu Smith-Schuster after the game? Did you talk to him?

MAHOMES: “Yeah, I got to talk to him. Obviously, it was scary when you’re out there, but I mean we saw him after the game. He seemed perfectly normal. It’s just – I’m sure, I don’t want to say anything about the injuries – but he’ll do something to get himself back available for us which is the right thing to do but he seemed like he was his normal self, giggling around and joking around and stuff like that but let’s just take precaution and get him back healthy as fast as possible.”

Q: Did the refs explain why they picked up the flag on the roughing the passer call and the unnecessary roughness?

MAHOMES: “The roughing one wasn’t roughing so that was probably why. I wish it was so I didn’t have an interception (laughter) but it wasn’t. The one where he got the helmet-to-helmet, I believe they were saying something about he was leading with his shoulder. But I mean it’s – I know those guys aren’t trying to helmet-to-helmet hit guys. We’ve preached that in this league, and we try to take care of each other. We want to play hard and compete but we’re trying to take care of other out there on the field but from the review it looked like it was helmet-to-helmet so I’m sure they’ll review that, they’ll make their changes and come back better next week.”

Q: It’s unusual to see players insist on helping teammates to the sideline but it looked like Travis Kelce and Marquez Valdes-Scantling insisted. Can you talk about that moment?

MAHOMES: “Yeah, I mean we have a brotherhood here. It’s been fast because it’s been a lot of new guys. These guys – we’re all best friends. We’re doing stuff together every single day. We’re playing Call of Duty at night. We’re guys that want to go out there and compete with each other and be the best that we can be so to see that just tells you that these guys love each other out there on the field and we’ll go out there and we’re going to go down fighting together.”

Q: How has the offensive line stepped up against great defenses.

MAHOMES: “Yeah, they’ve accepted a challenge these last few weeks. Even last week whenever there were sacks it was more coverage stuff it wasn’t on the offensive line. I was holding the ball too long and stuff like that. That’s another great defensive line we faced today with first round draft picks. Guys that are big, fast (and) physical and they did a great job running and pass protecting so I think as the season goes on offensive lines – especially with the rules in training camp – they get better and better, at least the really good ones do. And I think you’ve seen our offensive line as the season goes on become that elite group that we all expected.”

Q: This seems like the fastest you’ve developed a trust and relationship with a receiver like Kadarius Toney. What’s the biggest challenge for him to be doing what he’s doing and what’s the trust level like already?

MAHOMES: “I think the biggest challenge is – I mean I don’t know If it’s a challenge. I think it helps that he was in kind of a similar offense in New York (Giants). I mean (New York Giants Offensive Coordinator Mike) Kafka’s there so he understands some of the words and it kind of clicks to him about stuff like that, but I mean ever since he’s been here he’s got to be in that facility just as much as I have. I mean he’s making sure he knows the splits. He’s making sure he knows exactly the route combinations, the different audibles that we have on the offense. I mean when you have a guy that’s that talented that wants to learn and get better and better, those are those special players that you want on your team.”