Chiefs Quotes, Tuesday, August 30

Chiefs Quotes, Tuesday, August 30

Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid

August 30, 2022

OPENING STATEMENT: “Alright, good to get through today. What we did was we set things up like a normal week, with the exception of playing the game and the mock game tomorrow. The players will have tomorrow off. Again Blake Bell, (Leo) Chenal who is now in the concussion protocol. Frank Clark was sick and then (Malik) Herring didn’t practice. Everybody else practiced and did their thing. Go ahead, fire away.”

Q: You’re about an hour and a half away from the final 53-man roster. What’s your message to the players who will not be on that roster or are not coming back?

REID: “Yeah so, the guys that aren’t coming back, and right now you don’t know who’s going to go and who’s going to stay so, but we appreciate all they’ve done for us. It’s always a tough day today. We’re right in the middle of this thing, so I’ll be able to get you some more information later on what’s going on. These guys busted their tail and you want them to have a chance to hook on somewhere else or have the opportunity to come back here.”

Q: Is Blake Bell still an IR candidate?

REID: “Yeah there’s a chance, that’s one of the things that we’re working for but yeah.”

Q: Why didn’t it work out for Josh Gordon?

REID: “Listen, I’m proud of Josh (Gordon) for all that he did. (It was) a real pleasure to have him here. There’s a chance that he potentially is back here and if it doesn’t work out somewhere else but just from a football standpoint but also even the bigger picture of things, he really did a heck of a job.”

Q: How much more important is the practice squad becoming with the expanded numbers?

REID: “I think the number was like half of what it is now from when I first got started in this thing. To have that many guys and that much opportunity for players out there I think is great. It also allows you to keep these guys in football shape and caught up on the mental part of the game. They sit in all the meeting, so it’s an important part. We appreciate the league doing that.”

Q: Is this still training camp for you? Are you still doing installs or are you moving on and preparing for the season?

REID: “No, it’s training camp because we don’t have a game to go on that counts. But, at the same time you’re trying to prep them for what they’re going to have coming going forward. All the way down to practicing the practices. Making sure that they have a taste of what they are going to have next week, once they get ready to play Arizona.”

Q: How much did the latter end of camp help Ronald Jones’ case?

REID: “Yeah, I thought RoJo (Ronald Jones) did a nice job down the stretch. We know what he’s capable of. It’s a matter of him being comfortable in the offense, (we) throw a lot at the running backs. He looked like he was starting to get it down the stretch there. (He is) a good football player.”

Q: How do you feel about the roster being younger than it has been in years past?

REID: “Yeah, I’ve never gotten caught up in how old the guys are, as long as they can play, I’m good. And so, I like this group. I like the way they went about business up in St. Joe and then carried it over here. We didn’t have a big letdown on the move back, which can happen sometimes when you influx the young guys. I appreciate the way that they went about their business. Tribute to the veteran guys and the scouting department for bringing these kids in.”

Q: What’s been your impression of Shane Buechele?

REID: “Yeah, Shane (Buechele) is coming off a pretty good game. I thought last game (he) did a nice job of that. Last game, he got a lot of reps. Want to kind of set it up that way, right? So, you can give them an opportunity to grow, which I think is important through these first few years, especially if you’re not playing during the season but I thought he did a good job with it.”

Chiefs Players Quotes

August 30, 2022


Q: What have you learned about the fragility of the NFL after witnessing fewer and fewer guys out on the practice field?

MOORE: “I learned a lot just seeing how people move during this type of day or this type of week. And really just understanding like this is really a business and you really can’t take anything for granted. Like go out and put your best stuff on film when you can.”

Q: What are you happy with right now and what do you feel like you need to work on?

MOORE: “That’s a good question. I feel like I’m happy with where I’m at as far as the playbook and everything, and how comfortable I am at this point. But I also know (that) there’s so much more room for me to grow and so many things for me to unlock as far as being the player I want to be.”

Q: What’s at the top of that list right now?

MOORE: “Right now, it’s just getting back to my normal self, not thinking about anything. I can get the play from the huddle and go and think about how I’m going to score instead of thinking about what route I have or just thinking too much – stop (thinking). I want to get the thinking out of the whole equation. So, that’s number one on my list.”

Q: How much closer are you to “reacting” now compared to back in rookie mini-camp?

MOORE: “I didn’t get to really showcase a lot in rookie mini-camp, but my head was still spinning thinking I knew it but I didn’t know. I’m a ways from that, so it’s like I’m far away from home but I’m not where I want to be yet. So, that’s just how I look at that.”


Q: You have a spot on the team but is it hard for you to see some of the players get cut?

BOLTON: “Oh yeah, for sure. Those guys come in every single day and give their hearts out for this team so we can build and continue to get better every single day and so it’s hard to see those guys go. I wish nothing but the best. They come in every single day and play their hearts out. That’s all you can ask for as a football player and as a person, as a teammate. As being a MIKE linebacker, I push people on my side of the ball, I appreciate that a lot. So I wish nothing but the best going forward.”

Q: What’s it like when your teammates come to you for answers when you’re on the field?

BOLTON: “That’s actually pretty cool. Last year it was Hitch (Anthony Hitchens), so I kind of got to figure out the stuff that makes them play faster so it’s kind of open communication. Just trying to figure out what makes a corner play faster. When they communicate, what are they seeing? What are they seeing from the stuff outside in verses a D-end or a D-tackle? Maybe there’s a verbiage I can use to make them understand something I’m saying quicker or something like that. Just open communication, just learning. Again, it’s still new to me. I’m still learning, still evolving, I’m trying the best way to be a mike-backer (middle linebacker). I’m just going to continue to do that as well.”

Q: What do you do to prepare for Week 1?

BOLTON: “First off (is) family. I’m just trying to talk to my family. We have a couple days coming off so I’m just trying to talk to them, making sure they’re doing all good. After that I just relax, watch a little bit of tape, kind of get a little bit ahead if I can and other than that just rest my mind, rest my soul and play video games.”