Chiefs Quotes from Thursday

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Skyy Moore runs the ball at NFL football training camp Saturday, July 30, 2022, in St. Joseph, Mo. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

Chiefs Quotes from Thursday

Read quotes from Steve Spanuolo, Carlos Dunlap, Skyy Moore and Andrew Wylie.

Chiefs Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo Quotes

August 4, 2022

Q: Mike Danna, you’re doing some different things with him out there, what tells you he’s ready for a little bit more than what you gave him?

STAGNUOLO: “Yeah listen, Mike (Danna) is one of those guys. I think I’ve said this before about Mike, he’s as solid as you get in all facets. Physicality, being in the right place, knowing exactly what to do, he’s a pro. Turk’s (Tershawn Wharton) the same way. We’ve got a few guys like that and as many guys as we think can help us out on the field, we’re going to try to find some ways to get them in there and we’ve always been on a rotation deal with the D-line, so I don’t think that’ll change.”

Q: Carlos Dunlap has had a consistent reputation of getting to the quarterback over his career, why do you think he has such a knack for that?

SPAGNUOLO: “Yeah listen, he’s done it for a long time and the system he was in in Cincinnati all those years was kind of conducive to him. Mike Zimmer had him for a long time and what they were doing, it was a four-down system, call it what you want. We’re multiple now, so we’re in a couple different things. I think he functions well outside. We’ve talked to him about him playing inside, we’ll see where that goes. I’m not really sure. I want to get him comfortable at one spot first. But again, I go back to the length, and he knows how to get to the quarterback, sometimes that’s just innate. I always say 70% of pass rushers is want to, not necessarily technique.” 

Q: How has Trent McDuffie been settling in?

SPAGNUOLO: “Great job. I think he’s done an outstanding job. Now we’ll probably move him around a little bit too, but we need to get him settled in a spot eventually. I think he’s competed really well with the bunch of really good veteran wide outs we have. The thing I like about Trent (McDuffie) is when it hasn’t gone great for him, he’s not one of those guys that sticks his head in the sand. He bounces right back up, that’s a good quality.”

Q: What have you seen from Frank Clark as far as his mentorship to George Karlaftis?

SPAGNUOLO: “Frank (Clark) has really taken it upon himself this year to be that kind of guy. (You) know what that tells me when George (Karlaftis) is saying that, is that he wants to receive that kind of information. If he’s talking about it, that means he enjoys it. Some guys don’t. Every personality is different, but George is a sponge. He does that with everything, he’s over there asking me questions, he’s asking (Defensive Line Coach) Joe (Cullen) questions, he’s asking (Assistant Defensive Line Coach) Terry (Bradden) questions, every vet that he can. He’ll text Coach Cullen questions. That’s a pretty good trait, right? Maybe he’s texting Frank questions too, I don’t know.”

Chiefs Players Quotes

August 4, 2022


Q: What were some of the main factors that lead to your decision to sign with the Chiefs?

DUNLAP: “Great opportunity with a great organization. What they have done in the last few years and playing against them on the other side of the ball, I wanted to add my specialties to it, and it felt like we had mutual interest.”

Q: Was it a difficult decision? Did you have several other teams that you had to decide from?

DUNLAP: “Yes, there were a couple other teams and obviously this last week or so, ever since camp started, things heated up. I liked what I heard from the Chiefs. That’s why I came out here to meet with them in person. (To) see how I fit, see how they would use me, see how I would contribute, see if it was a fit and I’m here.

Q: We know that you worked out with Orlando Brown and Chris Jones from Miami. How much did you ask them about Kansas City?

DUNLAP: “With the offers and stuff, they weren’t down there at the same time. I think they were in OTA’s when the first offer came so I didn’t really get that, but I had trained with them. We had worked out together, did all our stuff, normal individually, not knowing that I was going to be a Chief. So, when I got here today, he was like, ‘we ain’t even know this was going to be a real thing’, both of them pretty much said that so it’s kind of cool that we already got to know each other a little bit this offseason because we’ve been working together.”

Q: You signed a little bit later in free agency, what led into just that timetable for you?

DUNLAP: “Patience. This is my 13th year. I’ve done it 13, well 12 different ways so I wanted to make sure I made an educated decision and went with the team where there was mutual interest and my ability to play and how to use the opportunity to win because at this point, I’ve done a lot of football. One of the things I have not done is I haven’t gone over 100 sacks, I haven’t won a playoff game, and I haven’t clearly won a Super Bowl so those are the things I would like to do at this point in my career and I am in a hot pursuit and I feel like this team gives me a great opportunity, the best opportunity to do it.”


Q: How are you acclimating to being a returner?

MOORE: “I haven’t really done it too much in game sin college. So, it’s really just getting a feel for when I can take it, when I got to fair catch (it) and just doing the fundamentals of catching the punt. It’s going good though.”

Q: How good are you with the playbook? Do you feel like this will be second nature to you?

MOORE: “Yes, it’s going to be a process because it is a complex offense. But it’s starting to click. I feel like everything in this offense counters. Like we run this play and this play is a counter to that play. So, once you get the basics of everything, it starts to click a whole lot faster.”

Q: What does it do for you to hear Patrick Mahomes explain what he wants on certain routes and then to actually try to adjust and go with it at practice?

MOORE: “At the end of the day, he’s got the keys to the car. Just tell me what you want me to do. That’s how I look at that. He wants it done that way; I’m going to do it that way. So, that’s really all that is.”

Q: Is there anyone specific that you’re leaning on in the wide receiver room?

MOORE: “It’s really everybody. I lean on the whole room. If I got a question, everyone is open to answering and we all bounce each other’s ideas off each other. JuJu (Smith-Schuster), MVS (Marquez Valdes-Scantling), Mecole (Hardman), Cornell (Powell), everybody, we’re just helping each other.”

Q: What are your thoughts on Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy as a coordinator and coach?

MOORE: “He’s going to demand the best out of you. That’s my favorite type of coach. You know what I can do, and I know what I can do. Sometimes it might get hard, but he’s going to get it out of you. And that’s what I love about him.”


Q: Are you approaching this camp any differently now that you feel like you have a more solid spot rather than in years past trying to prove yourself?

WYLIE: “No, not really. Nothing is ever guaranteed, especially on this team with the amount of skill we have in the O-line room. So, there’s competition everyday even if it’s not what it seems, that’s what it is to me.”

Q: You first played right tackle in the Saints game; how do you compare yourself as a right tackle now compared to that first game?

WYLIE: “Now I know a lot more of what’s going on, you know what I mean? In that game, I was just playing Guard on the outside where now my game has a lot more to it out at Right Tackle. Like I just mentioned, switching up sets, I can see the defense a lot better now too. I’ve grown a lot out at right tackle and it’s very comfortable for me.”

Q: Is there a difference in your offseason work knowing you’re playing tackle now versus in the past when you knew they might need you at guard?

WYLIE: “No, I still work both guard and tackle in the offseason. I try to be that versatile piece that I kind of always have been here, so I don’t stop working on my guard reps and I continue to work on the left side as well. So, the offseason is always kind of the same for me working guard and tackle.”