Andy Reid at Training Camp

Andy Reid at Training Camp

Read what Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said at Training Camp on Monday.

OPENING STATEMENT: “Alright, as far as injuries go Jody Fortson is the only one, we didn’t have time to update you on. He’s got a quad strain, he’s not too bad at all. He’s swinging right back into it. I think he’ll be a few days, and we’ll get him back out there. Other than that, it’s the same guys that I mentioned before. So, everybody practiced today, had a good day. First day in pads, warm, a little shorter practice by league rules, part of the ramp up period now for pads, same type of thing we had when the guys first came in without the pads. But they worked their tail off. It was good competition between both sides. With that, times yours.”

Q: Patrick Mahomes got tangled up there at the end of practice, is he okay?

REID: “He’s okay.”

Q: Somebody stepped on him?

REID: “Yeah. Offensive lineman got pushed back.”

Q: Does it help the defense when they can touch people and have the pads on?

REID: “Yeah, you know it’s part of the game. You play in these things, so you get used to them and that’s what it’s all about. We try to do it where guys are off the ground, and they can get the work in but keep people healthy. But still play hard and get in football shape for the game.”

Q: There were some reports that Orlando Brown showed up today. What’s the ramp up period for him, how many days before he can really get out there?

REID: “I mean you have the right to throw him back in and go. When he gets here, we’ll talk to him and see where he’s at and then be smart with it.”

Q: So he’s not here right now?

REID: “I haven’t seen him, no.”

Q: Have you heard any indication that he will be here soon?

REID: “There’s a good chance. When the fish is in the boat, then I’ll let you know.”

Q: How important is it for ‘the fish to be in the boat’ and have him here ready to go before the preseason games?

REID: “Yeah well you said it. That’s what it is, it’s hard to mimic the game speed and putting the uniform on and so on, the helmet and pads on, when you’re off on your own. So, you got to go through that to get yourself right and he understands that.”

Q: In the bigger picture, what is he missing so far with five days of camp, one in pads?

REID: “He’ll just have to catch up on the new stuff and then (the) conditioning part.”

Q: You mentioned the conditioning part. How tough is that first day of pads?

REID: “Well it was warm, it’s tough. You’re adding another layer on. Plus, the crown that they have to wear which is not cool (temperature). So, you add that with the heat and the elements. You got to push yourself through, and we’re smart with the water, we give the guy’s water breaks on the long dry period so we can keep the liquids in.”

Q: Frank Clark had some interesting comments. He talked about the conversation he had with you at the end of the season and said he did a lot to change his body, cut out the red meat, stop drinking alcohol, lost some weight. How much have you seen from him?

REID: “Yeah well, he’s moving fast. When we did our conditioning test, he was right up there in front on that. You see him out here and he’s got good endurance going right now. So, he came back in good shape.”

Q: At the end there you had the players running a lot of plays without stopping. How much do the players and you appreciate seeing that even though it’s hard?

REID: “We ramp up to a higher number, give them a little bit more either every day or every other day. I’m not going to tell you they appreciate it when they’re doing it. But they know down the road it will help them. And you’ve heard comments from guys about that when we’ve gotten into games, we got a 12-play drive and you got to push through it. You know this gives them a foundation to go ‘you know what, I’ve been there. I can do this.’”

Q: Later this week Dick Vermeil is going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. From preparing against a Dick Vermeil team what stands out from you?

REID: “Well coached and tough. You can’t survive in this thing like he did for all those years without that. And then that fact that he took a hiatus in between, not really a hiatus I mean he was working his tail off, the fact that he got out of the game and was able to come back in and be as productive and continue to grow just says volumes for him. That’s why he’s going to the Hall of Fame. He’s phenomenal, a phenomenal mentor too. A great human being.”

Q: Frank Clark said you guys were able to keep it real. Is he someone you’ve always been able to give it to straight forward and not sugar coat anything when you’re talking to him?

REID: “That’s the way he wants it. He wants you to shoot him straight. We’ve always had that even when he came up and visited out of college. He spent some time close to where I grew up and we know some of the same people you know, shoot him straight.”

Q: Speaking of relationships; Travis Kelce has been here a long time, one of your first picks. I know you’re close with a lot of players, can you explain how close you are with him?

REID: “Like you said, he came here when we came here. I know him before that because of his brother, great family. He was a little wilder than his brother, right, a little wilder but I knew that. So when (former Chiefs General manger) John (Dorsey) ended up drafting him, he and I had our little conflicts but he’s a great kid, he’s got a big heart, he always has had that. He loves to play the game and he’s grown up just a ton. I’m proud of him in the way he handles himself today.”