Frank Clark, MVS, McKinnon Talk at Training Camp

Frank Clark, MVS, McKinnon Talk at Training Camp

Read what Marquez Valdes-Scantling, Jerick McKinnon and Frank Clark said at Chiefs Training Camp on Saturday.


Q: JuJu Smith-Schuster mentioned that you have been playing all over as a receiver. How much are you enjoying playing different spots after coming from an offense that had you as more of a one-dimensional guy?

VALDES-SCANTLING: “Obviously (Head) Coach (Andy) Reid is one of the most brilliant coaches that has coached this game. For him to be able to get play makers in different positions, to go out and succeed, he has been doing that for a long time and been very successful at it. So being a part of that, I’m excited about it, it’s a new challenge, but it’s going to be great. And obviously with 15 (Patrick Mahomes) back there (he can) pretty much do anything.”

Q: Is there anything you’ve gained talking to Patrick Mahomes in early camp and working with him down in Texas as far as what he wants out of his receivers?

VALDES-SCANTLING: “Obviously Patrick is one of those guys where he can make any throw. And with that he kind of gives you some freedom to work some things into it. Obviously, him and (Travis) Kelce have been doing it the longest here. You learn a lot from those guys about how they see things, how they run routes, how they get open, how they find different voids in defenses, what he likes and how soon he reads it. So, with those two guys I’ve learned a lot over my few months here.”

Q: What do you like about this offense versus other offenses you’ve been in?

VALDES-SCANTLING: “Anybody can get the ball at any time. It’s very explosive, we pass the ball a lot and obviously as a receiver I’m going to love that. I think it’s really fun and it’s really exciting. We do a lot of stuff, we move guys all around, a lot of motions. I think it’s just going to be really fun to go out there and make it happen on Sundays.” 


Q: On his offseason process and coming back to Kansas City.

MCKINNON: “Just taking my time. I had some surgery after the season last year, so I wanted to make sure I took as much time as needed to let that heal and recover then make my decision and go from there.”

Q: Was it a one-team process or were other teams interested?

MCKINNON: “I had other teams interested but like I said, after being here last year and being a part of the team comradery and seeing how the coaches did everything in their approach. Like I said, it was an easy choice.”

Q: What are your general thoughts of Isiah Pacheco since you’re getting a chance to work with him as a rookie?

MCKINNON: “He’s a humble guy and his work ethic is top tier. He’s real explosive and has nice size. Him and (Tayon) Fleet (Davis) both, big backs but they move really well. They have good footwork in the individual drills. I know the coaches think highly of them and so does everybody else on the team. These last couple of days he has shown what he can do with the ball. Like I told him and the other guys, when you come in as a rookie, it’s going to be that big learning curve. Especially now, everything is flying. In OTA’s, it’s a little slower and you get to learn with the coach, and they break it down. Once you get to camp, it’s all cylinders. Just watching those guys each day just learn and come out and make progress has been amazing.”

Q: What are some of the similarities and differences in the running back room?

MCKINNON: “I would say there are a lot of similarities when you speak of us. All of us are quick, shifty and good in tight space. Everybody’s size is different. Clyde (Edwards-Helaire) is probably the shortest out of all of us, but he’s compact and does a good job of breaking tackles. So does DG, (Derrick) Gore. There’s a lot of similarities but there’s a lot of differences as well. I think that’s the great thing about this group. There are similarities within each and every one of us but at the same time, we all bring something different to the table.”


Q: Why did you sign your new contract? What made you want to stay in Kansas City?

CLARK: “I love it here. I love Chiefs Kingdom. We built something special whenever I came here. Four years later, I just love it here. I love my teammates. My boy Chris Jones is one of my best friends. We got unfinished work. I feel like last year we left off on a pretty sour taste. (We) had a lot of high hopes but didn’t accomplish our goals. (We) didn’t win the AFC Championship, didn’t make it back to the Super Bowl. You know how we are, we got high standards here. We want to set the bar high and keep it there. And like I said, we left on a sour note. I wanted to come back and finish on a good note.”

Q: What are your expectations for yourself this year?

CLARK: “To be the best that I can be. The best teammate I can be, help these young guys. We got some young guys in. I got George (Karlaftis) who’s a first-round guy who’s got to be ready to play. So at the end of the day, part of the things I’m doing at practice is helping him understand the system faster. As a rookie, I know how tough it can be coming in when you got all these different things going on. You got people, – your family, friends – they (are) all on your back and stuff like that. And for a guy like George, a Big 10 guy, I’m a Michigan guy, so we got that Big 10 bond. I just want to see him be successful. When he lines up on the other side of me, inside, wherever he lines up, I just want to see him be successful at the end of the day.”

Q: What have you been doing/working on to lose weight?

CLARK: “Really, one of the main things is I cut a lot of red meat out. I stopped drinking liquor. Alcohol is a big factor in a lot of things as far as weight, that cut, it all is sugar. So at the end of the day, I stopped drinking liquor right after the season, honestly. It was February (when) I was sick, having stomach problems and gastrointestinal problems. I haven’t had any since I stopped drinking liquor and it kind of started making more sense. As I’m going on, I’m training, I feel my body is responding to me. I’m able to get up. I’m able to work out all times of day, all times of night. It was a commitment I made.”

Q: What do you know about Carlos Dunlap? And what can he bring to the Chiefs?

CLARK: “I know Carlos (Dunlap) has 96 career sacks. That’s a hell of a number. I’m ecstatic about him coming in, what he’s going to be able to bring to this team, his veteran skills, the knowledge. I’m going to pick his brain. I’ve had a few veterans come in at this point kind of in the camp time (with) weird one-year deals. In the past I’ve had Suggs (Terrell Suggs) here obviously. T-Sizz is my dawg. Shoutout Suggs. I’ve had – in Seattle – Dwight Freeney. I’ve had some good vets come in. Having another guy like Carlos come in, it’s going to be special just to see what he can do. See him in these colors. He’s coming from Seattle, so he’s coming from a great system over there with (Seahawks Head Coach) Pete Carroll and he understands what’s to come with (Head Coach) Andy Reid. It’s something to look forward to. I can’t wait to see on that third-down, what’s going on.”