Eric Bieniemy says he didn’t hear about Raiders’ ‘victory lap’ until press conference

Eric Bieniemy says he didn’t hear about Raiders’ ‘victory lap’ until press conference

As the Kansas City Chiefs get ready to take on the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday Night Football, one storyline that continues to dominate the conversation around these two AFC West rivals is the Raiders’ decision to take a victory lap at Arrowhead Stadium after their Week 5 upset over the Chiefs.

During Thursday’s press conference, Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy said he hadn’t yet heard about that happening (seems unlikely) while offering an excuse for the bus driver that Raiders head coach Jon Gruden called “a smart aleck.”

“I’m honestly just hearing about the victory lap, and it doesn’t mean anything,” Bieniemy said. “You guys have got to understand, I was raised in this division. I played with the San Diego Chargers back in the day, so we understand what the AFC West is all about. Now, maybe their bus driver took a wrong turn and had to just circle the stadium, but none of that matters.”

Bieniemy wrapped up his thoughts on the matter with what the Chiefs need to focus on and do to win.

“It really doesn’t shape how we’re going to prepare or do anything different,” Bieniemy said. “The only thing that we need to know is to make sure that we’re mentally and physically prepared to go out and play a 60-minute hard-fought battle. And I do know this, if our guys are allowing their personalities to show and they’re playing hard and they’re playing fast and they’re being accountable to one another, we’ll give ourselves a chance to have a chance.”

Watch Bieniemy’s full press conference, as well as all of Thursday’s pressers with assistant coaches, coordinators and safety Tyrann Mathieu here: