Chiefs COVID-19 Tracker: Week 5

Chiefs COVID-19 Tracker: Week 5

As COVID-19 continues to impact multiple teams across the National Football League, including the Kansas City Chiefs, here’s everything you need to know as it concerns the Chiefs’ schedule and COVID test results:

Friday, October 9th:

Additionally, more good news for both the Chiefs’ schedule and the lingering risk of possible exposure during the Patriots game Monday:

More positives for the Tennessee Titans could result in the Chiefs game against the Buffalo Bills getting pushed back again, making this a step in the right direction. Also, continued negative tests out of the Patriots minimizes possible game day exposure concerns from Monday’s game against the Patriots.

That said, this is all day-to-day:

Thursday, October 8th:

Good news! There were no new positive tests for the Chiefs or the Las Vegas Raiders today. The Raiders are scheduled to play the Chiefs this Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium (12 p.m. CT).

Additionally, the New England Patriots, the Chiefs’ Week 4 opponent, also had no new positive tests today:

Wednesday, October 7th:

The Chiefs have not had another positive test, up to this point, since backup quarterback Jordan Ta’amu tested positive this past Saturday.

The Patriots, the Chiefs’ last opponent in Week 4 on Monday Night Football, have now had three positive tests in the last week with CB Stephon Gilmore being the most-recent.

The Raiders, who the Chiefs play in Week 5, had one positive COVID-19 test come back today: