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Elite 8: March Madness LIV Bracket Challenge

Elite 8: March Madness LIV Bracket Challenge

We started with the Sweet 16 and now we’re on to the Elite 8 (see updated bracket above). Over 4,000 of you voted and these are the eight plays that made it through to the next round! Voting begins Tuesday, 3/24 at 9 a.m. CT on our Facebook and Twitter pages (@sportsradio810). How’s your bracket doing so far? Let us know by uploading a picture of your March Madness LIV bracket and tagging @sportsradio810 with the hashtag #MarchMadnessLIV!

Champions Region:

(1) Jet Chip Wasp to Hill


(2) Hardman’s Kick Return Revival 

Andy Reid Region:

(1) Dirty Dan and the Fake Punt


(2) Kelce Cuts the Deficit 

Arrowhead Region:

(1) The 4Q Super Bowl Lead


(3) Sammy’s 60-yard TD Ices the AFCC Win

Lamar Hunt Legacy Region:

(1) Mahomes on the Run


(2) Dame Dash Seals the SB Win