Friday AMA: Lamar Jackson and some surprises…

Friday AMA: Lamar Jackson and some surprises…

By: Joshua Brisco 

Hey, this is new! Welcome to my Friday AMA. Every Friday, I’ll be answering questions that I receive throughout the week via social media. AMA is a stolen-from-Reddit acronym short for “ask me anything,” so feel free to bring your Chiefs questions, your non-Chiefs sports questions, your non-sports questions — whatever you need answers to in your life.

Just tweet your questions to me, @jbbrisco on Twitter, and I’ll answer a few of my favorite ones every week. Let’s see how this goes.

So the first question in this series isn’t technically a question, but I wanted to talk about it. Off to a good start.

The Ravens shellacked the Jets on Thursday night, and I watched that whole game because of Lamar Jackson. He’s going to win the MVP, as he absolutely should, and I love watching him play football. I am in no way here for the “he’s actually not that great” slander. He is that great, and I’m glad he’s in the league.

But it really does seem like two or three times a game, he whiffs on a pass that he should have hit. Thursday night’s worst offender was late enough in the game that it had absolutely no impact on the outcome, but I saw it. And it seems like I always see it from Jackson. He also always has two or three throws a game that make me think that he’s actually a better passer than I give him credit for. (All while running for six trillion yards.)

By the way, most of the NFL’s QBs miss a few open passes and hit a few tight windows. Sam Darnold had a few on Thursday. It happens. But, as an opponent, the Ravens are probably the only team in the NFL that I’d rather see passing the ball than running it, and if they ever do end up going down by multiple scores like they did last time against the Chiefs, I think KC’s defense would be up for the challenge.

I love chips. I love chips used for dipping things. Fritos Scoops are a game-changer. Hummus. Guacamole. Queso. Any kind of chunky dip, like a roasted corn salsa. It’s the best. Now, sometimes a sturdy tortilla chip is what you need, especially for Mexican food, and in that category, I grab On The Border’s Cafe Style chips. They’re crunchy, salty, solid enough for dipping but still airy. They’re the whole package. Thank you for asking this question.

Also not a question. I don’t want to hear about it.

It hurts. It really does. I thought the Chiefs should have fired Bob Sutton before last season, and I said it at the time. As of right now, that probably goes down as Andy Reid’s worst decision as the Chiefs’ head coach, where 95% of his time here has been positive. The good news is that this year’s defense has looked so vastly improved that we can be this kind of excited about it. Silver lining.

Outside of the playoff games, I’m more interested in the stories than the results, and that’s coming from the Citrus Bowl. It’s Alabama and Michigan, and I know that may be a basic answer, but I’m going to watch it. We don’t even know which players are actually going to end up playing in the game, but I know it’s going to be a pissed-off Nick Saban vs. the perpetually hilarious Jim Harbaugh. The star power is coming from the sidelines instead of the field, but that happens in college sports all the time, and this game has some heat.

I’m a huge proponent of the bidet. I bought one for $25 on Amazon a year or so ago, and I’m at a point now where I’m left absolutely baffled by the idea that anyone wouldn’t want one of their own. Think about toilet paper. That’s gross.

Anyway, I have a cheap bidet, so it’s not temperature-controlled, but that’s not a huge deal. It also has a very indelicate power system, but it’s manageable. Unless you’re Seth Keysor.

Currently, if I had to bet? Zero. Chris Jones has been excellent this season, and I can’t let myself believe that the Chiefs are going to let that kind of excellence go. As of right now, next year’s highest-paid defenders for the Chiefs are Frank Clark ($22.7m), Tyrann Mathieu ($16.3m), Anthony Hitchens ($12.7m) and Alex Okafor ($7m). Nobody else cracks $5 million next season on the defensive side. They can make the money work for Jones if they think he’s worth it.

If they don’t: the Chiefs gave up a first-round and second-round pick for Frank Clark and got a second-round pick for Dee Ford. I imagine that Jones would fall somewhere in the middle, closer to the Clark side, but I wouldn’t be interested in anything less than the Clark haul.

I put this question last so you can close the article now if you don’t care about my adventure through the Galar region.

So, I currently have all eight gym badges in Pokemon Sword, and I’ve found myself roaming through the wild area and delaying the endgame for now. I didn’t get to this point on purpose, but my current party is really fluid for being this late in the game. My Inteleon (Sobble’s evolution) is basically a watery demigod at this point, so he leads the pack. I ran into a shiny Timburr early in the game and now have my shiny Gurdurr second, a worthwhile fighting type. I also have a way overleveled Yamper, holding an everstone so it never evolves. Look at this little guy. He’s not going anywhere. Outside of that, it’s up in the air. I’m currently rolling with a Ninetales and Drakloak, with a newly caught shiny Swirlix leveling up in the last slot, but I’m hoping to find another upgrade or two roaming through the wild.

I have more to say about Pokemon Sword and Shield, but if you’d like some of that to break up your Chiefs talk, you can check out (Almost) Entirely Sports (most) weeknights on 810, or wherever you get your podcasts.