Veach Quotes With Soren Petro

Veach Quotes With Soren Petro

Chiefs GM Brett Veach spoke with Soren Petro on The Program on Thursday. Read what Veach said with Soren.

Chiefs general manager Brett Veach joined our Soren Petro Thursday on “The Program”. Here are some of the highlights.


On Patrick Mahomes’ playing pick-up basketball:


“Yes, I did see the tweet of Pat Mahomes playing basketball. We did address it. As soon as I saw it, it probably took me two seconds to call his agent and tell him that was a big no-no. So, I think ‘The Kingdom’ can rest assured that we have that under control. No more basketball for Pat.”


On Justin Houston and Eric Berry:


“(New defensive coordinator) Steve (Spagnuolo) is cranking tape as we speak. He’ll do so without any interjection from me or my staff. Once Steve gets through his assessment, we’ll come in and share our thoughts and opinions with him and then factor in all the contract stuff, money stuff, what we have, what can do. We have some tough decisions to make but we also feel really good about some young guys we have. We have a first round pick, two twos and a three.”


On possibly getting Chris Jones and Tyreek Hill extended this offseason:


“We’ll have discussions. I think it is good business to see if we can get something done earlier than later. Certainly, both of those players have done a fantastic job for us. We’re going to be active to retain players that we’ve drafted and cultivated, and I expect them to be a part of our future moving forward.”


On Dee Ford’s contract situation:


“When we go through and see how we’re structured for (Spagnuolo’s) scheme and the different things that Dee can do, that will factor into this decision. We have some time. I don’t think we’re going to rush to make any decision. There are a lot of options in regard to potential free agents, what we have in regard to draft equity. Trade stuff will start picking up.”


On Dee Ford’s ability in a new defensive scheme:


“He’s always been able to bring speed off the edge and pressure the quarterback. He’s developed as a student of the game. He’s been able to stay healthy and that’s a big deal. He came into camp in phenomenal shape. It’s hard to find guys who can rush the passer at the level that he does; they’re a premium in this league. He’s a fantastic player and I look forward to getting with Steve (Spagnuolo) and drawing up a game plan for Dee.”


On the team’s free agents:


“We’d like to have them all back; the reality of it is that it won’t work like that. You can’t everyone pay top market; you’ve got to be selective in how you put this roster together.”


On Eric Berry’s health:


“No one is more competitive that Eric Berry and no one was dying to get out there every single game more than Eric Berry. It was very encouraging to get him a week of practice before the New England game and to come out of that game in good order. Once we compile the information with Eric, we’ll sit down and lay out a plan for him moving forward. We’re certainly looking forward to having Eric out there leading the defense and doing his thing.”


On whether they’ll go defense-heavy again in the NFL Draft: 


“We’re always going to be a team that strives to draft the best player available. If the grade discrepancies are close, it will lend itself to filling a draft need but you don’t ever want to give up a first round wideout for fifth round defensive player. I don’t think we’re going into this process with the mindset of (taking) only defense. We’re going to draft the best player available to continue to add talent and bring playmakers to Arrowhead on Sunday.”


On being the favorite to win Super Bowl LIV:


“I like it. I love it. I think it’s exciting. We have a bullseye on our back. I think that’s gonna keep us sharp this offseason. I think it motivates us all to know that, every week, we’re gonna get a team’s ‘A’ game. We’re not gonna surprise anybody this year. There’s going to be a lot of nationally televised games; we welcome that. It’s great for our fans; it’s great for Kansas City.”