One Month, and More to Come

One Month, and More to Come

By Riley Gates, Sports Radio 810

One month. That’s how long I’ve been at my internship at 810-WHB. Some internships don’t start until the beginning of June, but I wanted to get to work as soon as I could with this one. And man, I sure am glad I did.

In just one month, I’ve learned so much. For starters, running a board during a show has been one of the more unique things I’ve done in my life. The first day I watched the show, running the board seemed like learning a new language. There are so many buttons and responsibilities for a job that — in my opinion — doesn’t get proper recognition.

Fast-forward to today and I feel that I could handle running the board for an entire show. Those who have taught me the ins and outs of the job have done great and given me that confidence.

Along with what I’ve learned about the radio business — a side that I had not yet been a part of in this profession — I’ve had some pretty great experiences, too.

Prior to this summer, I’ve covered Kansas State sports for two years. I’m comfortable on that beat and don’t have any nerves working it. But professional sports are something I hadn’t yet experienced until this past month.

My first day on the job? Go to Kauffman Stadium — a place I’ve enjoyed countless times as a fan — and cover the Royals vs. the Yankees. Stand in the dugout and talk to Ned Yost. Just last week I covered the Royals again, this time with access to the clubhouse. Interview the same Royals players that I’ve watched for years on TV. That’s a feeling that, no matter how many different beats I work on in my life, I’ll never forget.

Not far from Kauffman sits the Chiefs’ practice facility where, for the last few weeks, team OTAs have been taking place. I’ve developed a working relationship with football legend Bill Snyder and have interviewed many K-State football players, some who have gone on to the NFL. But never before this summer had I interviewed a current NFL player or coach. Now I have.

Andy Reid, Alex Smith and more, will take the field on multiple Sundays this fall and I’ll get to tell people I interviewed them.

Now, the way I write this piece sounds like I’ve been on an extended Make-A-Wish experience and won’t get to do this stuff in my future. If I’m fortunate, I’ll experience many more things like this in my life. And no, I won’t write stuff about everything I get to experience. But this has been a fun and eye-opening month. There’s so much out there in sports media that, hopefully, I will encounter in my life.

Until then, though, I will continue to learn and soak up these opportunities that this internship is offering me. It’s been a great month and there’s only more where it came from.