Power of Podcasts

Enjoy the Power of Podcasts, with our numerous hosts and topics!

The Border Patrol

You can look at it as a stiff cup of coffee, or a good ol’ wedgie. Any way you see it, The Border Patrol starts the morning with a lighter side of the sports world.

>> The Border Patrol podcast <<

The Zone with Jason Anderson

Catch Jason Anderson, Joshua Brisco and Beards McFly with their midday mix of humor, pop culture and oh yeah, sports too.

>> The Zone with Jason Anderson podcast <<

The Program with Soren Petro

The Program is the most comprehensive and insightful sports show in Kansas City history. The Program brings you passionate opinions, statistical analysis, in depth interviews and a ton of laughs. Become part of The Program…

>> The Program with Soren Petro podcast <<

Hot Mic with SSJ

Don’t miss the latest by Steven St. John – unfiltered!

>>Hot Mic with SSJ podcast <<

The Jayhawker

Catch Kansas legends Greg Gurley and Wayne Simien along with special guest for the latest on Jayhawk sports.

>>The Jayhawker podcast <<

The Forecast with Gary Lezak

Gary Lezak is back!  After nearly 30 years in Kansas City television, Gary stepped away to pursue his many other interests including long range forecasting, sports, his dogs, friends, family and much more.  These will all be fair game, as we get a glimpse inside the life of one of Kansas City’s most popular personalities.

>>The Forecast podcast <<

The House of Hustle with Jarrett Sutton

Get the latest basketball news with former Mizzou Tiger and current NBA scout Jarrett Sutton – all under the roof of the House of Hustle.

>>The House of Hustle podcast <<

Totally Offensive with Dieter and Sherm

Ever wondered what goes on behind the doors of the locker room?  As long as you’re not easily offended, you’ve come to the right place.  Former Chiefs Gehrig Dieter and Anthony Sherman have teamed back up to tell it to you straight, on Totally Offensive with Dieter and Sherm.  They’ll bring you a players perspective on topics from around the NFL, share stories from their Chiefs playing days, and talk to some of their star studded friends.  It’s Totally Offensive with Dieter and Sherm presented by Goodcents, a slice above.  

Additional Programming

From Chiefs to Royals to other topics, get a full smorgasbord of listening with additional podcasts.

>>Additional Programming podcast <<

Valley Sports

Hosted by Blue Valley students, step into the Valley to get the latest on all high school sports throughout the Blue Valley school district.

>>Valley Sports podcast <<

(Almost) Entirely Sports

Joshua Brisco talks about many things – sometimes even sports – with (Almost) Entirely Sports

>> (Almost) Entirely Sports podcast <<