810 on Alexa

Sports Radio 810 is your home for sports, and we’re proud to announce that you can now listen to Sports Radio 810 and podcasts, right at home on your Alexa.
To enable your Alexa skill, tell Alexa: “Alexa, enable Sports Radio eight ten Skill”
That’s it! From now on, when you ask Alexa “play Sports Radio eight ten” or “Listen to Sports Radio eight ten”, you’ll listen live or have access to podcasts and more!
Listen to Podcasts
Once you’re listening with your Alexa skill, you can ask for podcasts by saying:
Alexa, ask sports radio eight ten to play Border Patrol“.
Podcasts listed as:
– Border Patrol
– The Zone
– The Program
– Almost Entirely Sports
In the office, and now in your very own home, Alexa and Sports Radio 810 brings you the latest sports news, live broadcasts, scores and more!