·         Thank you for contacting us for your Public Service message request. PSAs are :30 messages that we make available to support our community whenever available. These messages may air on Sports Radio 810 WHB and/or on ESPN Kansas City (1510 AM/99.3 FM).

·         While we cannot guarantee that we will air your PSA due to the volume of requests we receive, we will do our best based upon availability.

·         PSAs must be :30 in length in order to be considered and must come to us in one of two ways: well-written script that we will produce or pre-produced material that you can attach and send with your request when you email us at [email protected]. Please understand that we cannot be responsible for re-writing copy that is provided by a third party so please adhere to the requirements for consideration.

·         PSAs must contain requested start and end dates for the announcements.

·         We will be unable to air any PSA that does not meet our requirements.

·         Thank you in advance for understanding!