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Jed Marshall

Jed Marshall

    Jed Marshall is the producer of “The Program” with Soren Petro weekdays from 2-6 pm CT; Jed attended the University of Kansas and can confirm he spent more time off campus than he did on in his six plus year in Lawrence. After leaving his time in Lawrence, Jed was able to get his foot in the door at 810 WHB with persistence and not taking no for an answer…..except for the many times he heard it. Jed has previous experience as the producer of “SportsNight” and has been a producer/co-host of the weekend shows here on Sports Radio 810 WHB. In addition, Jed also worked in the Kansas City Star’s sports department.
    When away from the station, Jed has two cats (Marley and Dopey), he loves his family….especially his nieces and nephews, “The Simpson’s” and “The Wire” and he also enjoys reading anything good or some new music; though his favorites will always be Phish and Bob Marley.
    Favorite Teams:
    Kansas BBall/FBall, Royals, Chiefs, SKC, OKC Thunder, MIchigan FBall/BBall, Chelsea FC, NJ Devils