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Time To Take the Crown, Celebrate and Cry

Oct 30, 2015 -- 12:08pm

By Steven St. John

The Royals are two wins away from winning the World Series.


Say it loud and say it proud. I’ve been waiting for this to happen again since 1985, when I was a naive 12-year-old that assumed my hometown team would be title contenders every season.

My sons have been waiting for this their entire lives. We’ve made countless trips to Kauffman Stadium over the years and they’ve endured listening to their Dad attempt to convince them why this was the year and why that Royals team was different than the rest.

Finally, it’s all true. And, for the Royals fans that have left this earth, still hoping to watch their team make that climb back to the top of baseball’s championship mountain. Huge fans like my Mama and my Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Richie and Cousin Tony. I was with my Mom at Game 6 of the 1985 World Series and when the Royals won Game 7, I hugged her and my Grandparents and we cried tears of absolute joy. I will never forget that feeling.

And, that’s what I want my sons to experience. I want them to watch their beloved Royals win it all. Then, I want to hug them as we cry those same tears of joy, creating a memory they will hold in their hearts, long after I’m gone. I want them to tell their kids crazy stories about 2015, the same way I tell them stories about 1985. I want my wife and daughters to scream, just like they do every time they see Eric Hosmer’s face.

I want my Dad to tell me how much he loves Salvy because he’s the heart and soul of the team. I want Moose to win it for his Mom, and Chris Young and Edinson Volquez to win it for their Dads.

I want every single Royals fan around the world to celebrate…to laugh…to cry.

I want a parade though the streets of my hometown.

I want the Royals to win…two more games. For me…for my boys…for you…for Kansas City.

I don’t care if it happens in New York, in Kansas City or on the moon.

We’ve waited long enough. It’s time for the Royals to take the crown.

5 Reasons Why Royals Beat Astros

Oct 08, 2015 -- 11:34am

5 Reasons why the Royals will beat the Astros in the ALDS

1)      Yordano Ventura is pitching like an ace.

In his last 11 starts, Ventura has been excellent: 7-1, 68 IP, 56 H, 28 BB, 81 K, 2.38 ERA. The addition of Johnny Cueto has helped calm Ventura on and off the field. We are finally watching the same Ventura that helped carry this team to the brink of a championship last year. And, if this series goes 5 games, Ventura will get 2 starts at home. That will be too much for the Astros to overcome.

2)      The Royals lineup doesn’t have any holes.

With the additions of Kendrys Morales and Ben Zobrist, this post-season lineup is better than last year’s. Even Alex Rios has warmed up. In his last 31 games, Rios has hit .307/.325/.474. Nothing great, but certainly acceptable from the perceived weakest link in the lineup.

3)      The Royals have home-field advantage.

It didn’t matter in the 2014 World Series, but it will matter if the ALDS goes 5 games. The Royals worked hard for their home-field advantage throughout the playoffs and they will make it count.

4)      The bullpen is better without Greg Holland.

Nobody is happy about the injury to Greg Holland. We all wish he could pitch in the playoffs. But, the Royals are better off without an injured Holland as their closer. Wade Davis is the best reliever in baseball and he deserves to be the closer. With Kelvin Herrera, Ryan Madson, Luke Hochevar and new weapon Danny Duffy, the bullpen is deep and has the ability to dominate the swing-happy Astros. The Royals can also turn to Kris Medlen and/or Chris Young, if needed.

5)      Unfinished Business.

The Royals have been waiting for this opportunity since the moment Game 7 ended against the Giants. They have been on a mission. Throughout the off-season, spring training and all 162 games of the regular season, the Royals have been laser-focused on the playoffs. They know what it takes to win in October and the road to redemption begins tonight.

3 And Out with SSJ - Sept. 9

Sep 09, 2015 -- 2:59pm

By Steven St. John


1) The Chiefs have whittled their active roster down to 53 players and there were only a few surprises as they made their final decisions. I mentioned last week that Zach Fulton had played well at center against the Rams and it might have cost Eric Kush his roster spot. And, that’s exactly what happened. Still, it was kinda crazy to see the guy that started training camp on top of the depth chart, end up not even making the team. However, the biggest shock was the release of defensive lineman Mike Catapano. After the cuts were made, Andy Reid mentioned to the media that Catapano would be a better fit in a 4-3 defense. That may be true, but it was still a surprise to see Catapano cut since he had such a good camp. It’s clear that some other teams thought highly of the two former Chiefs as Kush was immediately claimed off waivers by Tampa Bay and Catapano signed with the New York Jets.

2) If the Chiefs get an early lead against the Texans on Sunday, it will be very hard for Kansas City to lose the game. The Texans are built to run the ball and play defense. With Brian Hoyer at QB and a WR group learning to live without Andre Johnson, the Texans will have a tough time playing catch-up against anyone, much less a team like the Chiefs that can put tremendous pressure on the QB in obvious passing situations. Add in the fact that Arian Foster is hurt and you’ve got a recipe for an offensive disaster for the Texans. Get an early lead, feed Jamaal Charles, get some chunks of yardage with Jeremy Maclin and Travis Kelce, DO NOT turn the ball over, contain J.J. Watt (LOL!) and let the defense take you home. Chiefs win, 24-14.

3) The Drew Lock hype-train gained more steam with the freshman’s debut performance for Mizzou against SEMO last Saturday. Lock went 6/10 for 138 yards and a touchdown pass while Maty Mauk went 12/22 for 181 yards, 2 TD’s and 1 interception. This is still Mauk’s team, but Lock looked good. REALLY good. It’s a nice problem to have, but if this trend continues, Gary Pinkel finally just might have a real QB controversy on his hands. Mizzou plays at Arkansas St. this Saturday night.

3 And Out With SSJ

Sep 04, 2015 -- 3:54pm

1)      During the broadcast of the final Chiefs preseason game, GM John Dorsey said that 4 or 5 spots are still up for grabs on the 53 man roster. It will be interesting to see how that plays out as the final decisions are made. Did Zach Fulton show enough while playing center to make Eric Kush’s roster spot vulnerable? If the Chiefs only keep 6 WR’s, who gets the final spot…the dependable Frankie Hammond or preseason star Fred Williams? Is Demetrius Harris healthy enough to be counted upon as the third tight end to start the season? Obviously, the health of Jeff Allen, Eric Fisher and Dontari Poe will have an impact on these decisions and how the Chiefs move forward in constructing the roster. And, remember, there is always a chance the Chiefs could make waiver claims based on cuts from around the league, so the final 53 may not be final for long. Dorsey has had success on the waiver wire before and he won’t hesitate to claim a player he believes can provide an upgrade to the roster.

2)      Despite Mizzou’s lackluster opposition (SEMO) in the season opener, there will still be some intriguing things to watch during the first game of the season. The Tigers need to indentify playmakers in the passing game for Maty Mauk to trust and the list of WR candidates is long, but inexperienced. Nate Brown, J’Mon Moore, Keyon Dilosa, DeSean Blair, Emanuel Hall, Thomas Richard, Wesley Leftwich(injured). Lots of talent, but almost zero experience. The tight ends should be more of a factor this season, but Mizzou will need a few of these WR’s to blossom quickly or Mauk could struggle.

3)      Another important thing to watch for during Mizzou’s first game of 2015 will be the debut of highly-touted freshman QB Drew Lock. Following in the footsteps of Chase Daniel, Blaine Gabbert, James Franklin and Mauk, Lock will serve as a back-up during his true freshman year as opposed to redshirting. There will only be so much fans can take away from the limited snaps Lock is expected to take, but the decision to burn his redshirt and elevate him above two older, talented QB’s (Eddie Printz and Marvin Zanders) on the depth chart suggests Gary Pinkel believes Lock could be something special. Now, it’s up to Lock to live up to all the hype.


Feb 24, 2015 -- 11:13am

Finally.  Floyd Mayweather is fighting Manny Pacquiao on May 2 in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand. At times, it seemed like this super-fight would never happen. There were so many obstacles that were preventing the fight from taking place. How would the money be split? What network would broadcast the fight? Would there be drug-testing and how would it be administered? There were too many questions and not enough answers. But, now, the questions have all been answered except for one…Who will win?


I think Pacquiao has a better chance to the win the fight than most people realize. I believe it’s a 60/40 fight in Mayweather’s favor. Styles make fights and I think Pacquiao’s style will give Mayweather some problems that he hasn’t seen before.  


There are many boxing fans that are still angry about the lengthy wait we’ve all endured to see this fight actually become reality. Both fighters were better and faster five years ago, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the fight would have been better at that time. Five years ago, I think Mayweather wins a decision in a dominating, but boring performance. His speed and defense would have been too much for Pacquiao to overcome and Mayweather would have been able to coast to a decision victory without having to risk standing and trading with Pacquiao.  


I think the 2015 version of this fight will be more entertaining because Mayweather has slowed down just enough to force him into more exchanges with the relentless Pacquiao. When you consider Mayweather’s performances against Miguel Cotto and Marcos Maidana, it’s apparent that he gets hit with punches now that wouldn’t have touched him earlier in his careerIn fact, the right hand that Maidana hit Mayweather with at the end of the 3rd round of their rematch was the hardest punch that’s landed on Mayweather since Shane Mosley rocked him in 2010. If Maidana would have landed that punch in the middle of the round, I think Mayweather could have been in real trouble. If Pacquiao lands that punch, it could end the fight. 


Both fighters are a step slower and now get hit with more punches, but I think that means we’ll get a better product after what seemed like an eternal wait for the fight to actually happen. I will still pick Mayweather to win, but I think it will be an exciting and competitive fight and Pacquiao will have a legitimate chance to win.  However, opinions no longer matter. All of the debates are over. That’s the great thing for fight fans. We will finally see this dispute settled the way it should be…in the ring. May 2 can’t get here soon enough.  

Super Bowl, Katy Perry Thoughts...

Feb 02, 2015 -- 10:35pm

By Steven St. John

·        The Tom Brady/Peyton Manning debate is now officially over. Done. Dead. Buried. I’ve always believed that Brady was better than Manning and now my belief is fact. Brady went 13/15 for 124 yards and 2 TD’s in the 4th quarter of Super Bowl 49 to erase a 10 point deficit against the undisputed best defense in the NFL, erasing all doubts and arguments emanating from the pro-Manning contingent. Yes…the same Seahawks defense that made Manning look foolish in Super Bowl 48. Anyone who still thinks Manning is better than Brady is either completely misguided or unwilling to get past their hatred for Brady or the Patriots to admit the truth. But, most importantly, they are wrong. The debate is no longer Brady vs. Manning. What’s now left to determine is whether Brady is the greatest quarterback in NFL history. One more Super Bowl season and that question will be answered, too.

·        There were lots of excited boxing fans watching the Super Bowl 49, hoping that the wild rumors of Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao officially announcing their mega-fight during the game would be true. They were not. However, I do believe that the fight will still happen this year. It doesn’t really matter if it happens on May 2nd or in September. All that matters is that it finally happens. It almost reminds me of the waiting and the build-up leading up to the super-fight between Marvin Hagler and Sugar Ray Leonard back in 1987. After what felt like an eternity for boxing fans, the fight finally happened and it was glorious. Except for the fact that Hagler deserved to win the decision 115-113. If Floyd fights Manny, everyone will watch, hundreds of millions will be made and it will be one of the biggest sporting spectacles in history.

·        Not only was Super Bowl 49 one of the top 5 Super Bowls in history, the halftime show was also one of the top 5 I’ve ever seen. Katy Perry is a phenomenal performer and she lived up to all of my expectations. Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliot were both very good, but Katy stole the show and my heart. I truly love her. As I’m writing this, I am now painfully aware that I have some serious issues and I need to stop typing immediately.

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