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End of the Hour Answers - Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Jul 23, 2014 -- 2:10pm

Q: Born on this date: The pitcher who is the career leader in All-Star Game strikeouts. Who is he?

A: Don Drysdale with 19


Q: Only three players have averaged at least five yards a carry with at least a thousand carries. Jamaal Charles, Jim Brown and who?

A: Joe Perry 


Q: Since Pat Bowlen bought the Broncos in 1984. How many teams have won more AFC Championships?

A: One. New England has won seven; Denver won six

End of the Hour Answer - Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Jul 23, 2014 -- 12:34pm

Q: Among returning Big 12 players, who had the most rushing yards last season?

A: Shock Linwood of Baylor


Q: No player has more career receiving yards against the Chiefs than this man, born on this date. Who is he?

A: Tim Brown (2,021)


Q: Born on this date: Former Royals great Mike Sweeney. In what road park did he hit the most home runs?

A: U.S. Cellular Field (15)

End of the Hour Answer - Monday, July 21, 2014

Jul 21, 2014 -- 1:05pm

Q: Born on this date: The winning pitcher in the Royals first game ever. Who is he?

A: Moe Drabowsky


Q: Jon Lester is one of two pitchers with at least ten starts against the Royals and an ERA under 2.00. Who is the other?

A: Teddy Higuera (1.95 in 13 starts)


Q: DeAnthony Thomas is wearing #1 for the Chiefs. Who was the last running back to wear #1 for the Chiefs?

A: Mike Adamle

End of the Hour Answers - Friday, July 18, 2014

Jul 20, 2014 -- 7:21pm

Q: Born on this date: Wide-out Deion Branch, one of a handful of players to have at least 10 catches in a single Super Bowl. Who holds the record for catches in a Super Bowl?

A: Demaryius Thomas of Denver last year


Q: What pitcher holds the Red Sox career record for innings pitched?

A: Tim Wakefield (3006 innings in 17 seasons)

End of the Hour Answers - Thursday, July 17, 2014

Jul 20, 2014 -- 7:18pm

Q: On this date in 1990: Bo Jackson became the fourth Royal to hit three home runs in a game. He did it at Yankee Stadium. Who’s the only Royal to do it at home?

A: Danny Tartabull against Oakland in 1991


Q: Among SEC schools, which one has the longest active streak of playing in a bowl game?

A: Georgia (17)


Q: Born on this date: The first of three Notre Dame quarterbacks to start a Super Bowl. Who is he?

A: Daryle Lamonica for Oakland in Super Bowl II

End of the Hour Answers - Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Jul 17, 2014 -- 12:00am

Q: Before Jonathan Lucroy and Mike Trout, who was the last player to have at least two extra-base hits and at least two RBI’s in an All-Star Game?

A: Albert Pujols in 2004 


Q: Derek Jeter is the oldest player to get two hits in an All-Star Game. Who’s record did he break?

A: Carl Yastrzemski (39 when he got two hits in Seattle in 1979)


Q: Yasiel Puig the fourth player to bat at least three times in an All-Star Game and strikeout every time. Who was the to do it before him?

A: Johnny Bench in 1970 

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