Defensive Line and the Big XII

Feb 24, 2012 -- 6:23am

By Soren Petro

Get Ready for a Defensive Lineman


Doug Farrar, author of the “Shutdown Corner” blog on Yahoo Sports, told us this week there are seven Defensive Tackles (or 3-4 DE’s) that carry a first round grade in this year’s draft. 


The Chiefs took Glen Dorsey with the fifth pick in 2008 and Tyson Jackson with the third pick in 2009, but don’t be shocked if the Chiefs are back picking a D-Lineman again this year.  If the draft has that kind of talent along the defensive line, the Chiefs would be foolish not to look long and hard at all of them.


The Chiefs tied for 27th in the NFL with only 29 sacks on the season, meanwhile the Giants finished 3rd in the league with 49 sacks.  Keep in mind the Giants battled injuries to their defensive front seven throughout the season, but still managed 20 more sacks than the Chiefs.


Funny how that works…  You start a “franchise quarterback” and then crush the other team’s quarterback, and you win a championship.


With Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III long gone when the Chiefs pick, finding someone that can get to the other team’s quarterback is a must.  Tamba Hali is a stud and Justin Houston showed signs late of being a good pass rusher as well, so the Chiefs need to focus on getting a better push inside.


Michael Brockers from LSU and Fletcher Cox out of Mississippi St. could be possibilities for the Chiefs first pick.  While the LSU connection will scare many Chiefs fans, most people think Brockers is the best prospect for a 3-4 DE.


Trading down is another distinct possibility for the Chiefs.  It is in Pioli’s blood having come from New England and looks like it could make a lot of sense this year.   If there are seven interior defensive linemen that carry a first round grade, they may slide down the board because teams start to pass on them thinking they can still get a good one the next time they are up.


The Chiefs could look to slide down once or even twice and start to add picks and still get a top talent late in the first round or even the second.


The other scenario would have the Chiefs jumping to grab a premium talent at another position with their first pick, figuring they can get a first round talent in the second round because of the depth at the position. 


Stay tuned!



How the Big XII Stacks Up (Basketball)


As we creep towards March Madness, I was wondering how the Big XII stacked up to the rest of college basketball when it comes to the Final Four.  So let’s take a look.


The Big XII came into existence during the ‘96/’97 school year, which means there have been 15 seasons of hoops since it began.  Here is how the conferences stack up.




13 Final Fours

5 National Champions


Big 10

12 Final Fours

1 National Champion


Big East

10 Final Fours

4 National Champions



7 Final Fours

3 National Champions


Pac 12

7 Final Fours

1 National Champion



6 Final Fours

1 National Champion



2 Final Fours


Colonial Athletic Conference

2 Final Fours


Conference USA

1 Final Four


The Big XII is last among the BCS conferences in Final Four appearances and tied for last with the Pac 12 for Championships.  It is clear the Big 12 has some work to do.


For the record UConn leads the way with three National Championships, and North Carolina and Michigan St. show the way in Final Four appearances with six each.

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