Rapid Fire: Big 12 Hoops, Jeremy Lin, The Grammy's and The Office

Feb 13, 2012 -- 12:46pm


It’s another day and another opportunity to get down on some rapid fire. 

Baylor Bears:

Man, has the bloom ever come off a player as quickly as it has for Perry Jones III?  This one hurts me a lot because I was really high on the potential of PJ3 coming into this season and was expecting to see grand things from him.  That has clearly not happened.  There have been a few flashes from him - one of those flashes being the first half at KU and the crossover dunk on Jeff Withey.  Since then he has completely disappeared.  I guess we should all just be happy that he attempted 12 shots in the loss at MU. 


Jeff Withey - Man Possessed:

I don’t know if Jeff Withey’s last two games are a direct result of the way Kim English handled him a week ago, but KU fans might want to keep Kimmie on their Christmas card list.  Ever since the loss at MU Jeff Withey has been slaying opponents like they are zombies on The Walking Dead.  Withey’s improved play could be a result of playing against the soft Baylor defense and the height-challenged Oklahoma State.  I fall on the side of everything is clicking for Withey and he will be a tough matchup the rest of the season.


Super Lintendo:

Jeremy Lin is the biggest story in the NBA right now and for good reason.  The Harvard product went from being almost out of the association to now being the lead on every Sports Center telecast.  Lin is a showing that sometimes it just takes finding the right place in order to make the most of your opportunity.  The Mike D’Antoni system deserves some of the credit for Linsanity’s success but so does Linsanity himself.  Now this is a great story that people need to get behind. 


The Grammys:

I have no idea what in the Hell Nicki Minaj was doing with her performance at the Grammys but count me as one of the people who was not a huge fan of it.  I am a Minaj fan and found myself more confused and put off by her performance than I was interested.  But it was better than Katy Perry’s lack of subtlety in her performance.  So your song has men made of ice statues with fire around them melting, you have a line in the song saying “you can keep the diamond ring” and there is a Phoenix.  I wonder to whom that song/performance was dedicated?  I will say Adele’s performance was just sick and ending the show with Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, and Dave Grohl sharing a stage and shredding on guitar was a hell of a lot better than LL Cool J giving some inane goodbye.


The Office:

I watched this past week’s episode of The Office and after seeing how that episode ended I have these thoughts.  If NBC and the people in charge of The Office dare piss all over Jim and Pam’s relationship with him having some kind of fling with a barely there character I will lead the mob all the way to New York.  We all know The Office has lost a lot of luster over the past few seasons.  Steve Carell leaving was just another large nail in The Office’s coffin.  The one thing that I loved most about this show was the Jim and Pam relationship.  From the early stages where it was flirting back and forth while Pam was engaged to Roy to Jim dating Karen after Pam broke off her engagement, to that moment when Pam recites cliché after cliché about how happy she would be for Jim if he got the corporate job only to be interrupted by Jim who finally asks her out on that infamous date (my favorite moment in the history of the show) showed more heart than the rest of the show combined.


I always worried that the producers would use the old ploy of breaking up the couple that everyone wanted to get together.  Just look at Friends with Ross and Rachel and Gilmore Girls with Luke and Lorelei.  The Office looked doomed to do this when Pam was in art school in NYC.  But they did not go down this road.  I always held The Office in high regard for not using this lazy and easy TV gimmick.  So now that The Office is a shell of its former self you float out the plot line of this nothing character being able to ruin what Jim and Pam has built over the years?  You are officially on notice NBC and Office producers.  You are better than this.  Or at least I thought you were.


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