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Jan 12, 2012 -- 9:42am


Bizarro World


Well, here we go again.  Missouri struggles the road just like last year.  After a loss at K State, the Tigers roll into Ames and take on an Iowa State team that is undefeated in conference.  Old issues pop up. 

Phil Pressey (or Phil Pressing) again tried too hard on the road.  Early shots, unforced turnovers and ticky tack fouls.  Teams have found out to stay away from him and stop him from driving and make him hit shots…whish he isn’t doing right now.  Marcus Denmon was held to 6 points…4 of them in the final minute.  Two Tigers fouled out.  They shot just 5-21 from the 3 point line.

It wasn’t good.  Wait, they won? How did that happen?  In some odd turn of events the Tigers out rebounded the Cyclones 36-25.  Iowa State helped the cause by shooting 13-25 from the foul line.  Going into the game I said any win at Hilton would be a good one.  This certainly counts.  It wasn’t pretty at all, but a road win in a hostile building is something Mizzou has been struggling to get.


Ho Hum

Another year and non conference questions about the Jayhawks are being answered again.  The team continues to play well and is in a tie for first place in the league at 3-0.  The schedule has been good for the Hawks so far…a home game against their toughest opponent to date and then two road games against teams that figure to be toward the bottom of the league.  But, in typical Kansas form they have turned those road games into cures for insomnia.  After slow starts in both games the Jayhawks have flipped on the nitrous and cruised to wins.  Travis Relaford got into double figures yet again and seems to be the third scoring option…or at least threat…that Kansas needs to open things up for Thomas Robinson and Tyshawn Taylor.



Kansas State has by far been saddled with the toughest start to the season.  A roadie to Kansas followed by two home games doesn’t sound terrible…until you factor in those games were against undefeated top 10 teams.  K State was able to win one….and a second was in their sights.  The Wildcats are an effort team that when selling out on the defensive side can be a handful.  They can be suffocating and bully an opponent on the defensive end.  Offensive inconsistency though will make it tough for K State night in and night out.  They seem to be the most likely of the local three to lose a game they shouldn’t.  Even though Magruder got 30 the other night…it doesn’t seem like big scoring nights will be a norm.  And if teams start to focus on him they will be even harder to come by.  Jordan Henriquez  needs to continue to improve and Thomas Gipson will have to find what he was doing in the non conference for the Wildcats to take a next step.

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