Back to Square One With Tebow

Jan 09, 2012 -- 7:24am

By Todd Leabo

I’m back to square one with Tim Tebow.  I used to be positive that he wasn’t an NFL quarterback.  Then about halfway through 2011 he changed my mind with 95-yard touchdown drive in the 4th quarter against the New York Jets on a Thursday night.  That night, he proved to me that he could sustain an important drive with his arm and his legs.  Then, the last three weeks of the regular season put him right back in the “question mark” category.  Over that stretch he completed 41% of his passes, threw one TD and four INTs… add in some lost fumbles and you’ve got three straight losses.  However, the Chiefs, Raiders and Chargers beat each other up and Tebow’s Broncos slipped into the playoffs.

That playoff stage is where legends are made.  The playoffs are where the men are separated from the boys.  Sunday night in Denver, Tim Tebow’s legend grew to Paul Bunyanesque stature.  He threw for over 300 yards, fan for 50 yards and accounted for three TDs in the Broncos OT thriller against the Pittsburgh Steelers and their vaunted defense.  The capper was one of the most-thrilling playoff plays ever… an 80-yard strike to Demaryius Thomas on the first play of OT.

Nobody gave the Broncos much of a chance against Pittsburgh.  Forget that Denver was at home, forget that the Steelers had several injured players on their defense… none of that mattered.  The Broncos were a sinking ship and Captain Tim wasn’t going to be able to bail them out.  He was one of the reasons they were dying on the vine, there’s no way they could turn it around quickly enough to beat the Steelers.

Well, he did it.  He did something that Chiefs fans have been dying to see for almost 20 years... he helped his team win a playoff game. I know the Chiefs had a few 1st-round byes in the postseason.  That's fine, but remember back in December of 1997 when you were sitting at home during the first week of the playoffs when the Chiefs had a bye.  Remember how awesome it was see nothing?!?!  Remember how cool it was to go shopping with your wife because she said you don't have to watch the game because the Chiefs weren't playing. 

Do you think you had as much fun as the folks in Denver had when Tebow hit Thomas in OT?  No one in Denver will forget where they were yesterday... that's what being a fan is all about... memories.  You don't remember your team NOT PLAYING games, you remember PLAYING in them.

Now what?  It’s off to face the Patriots on the road.  New England whipped the Broncos last month.  I don’t expect them to win… I’m sure no one else does either.  Tune in Saturday night to find out to see some memories created.

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