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Dec 22, 2011 -- 8:33am

A Holiday edition of Swarts in your Sports. Before, we get started I want to wish all the great listeners of Sports Radio 810 WHB a wonderful Holiday Season, a great 2012 and a sincere thanks for being the best listeners in the country. And away we go…

 -Lump of coal award goes to the Kansas Jayhawks for their dismal display at Sprint Center on Monday night. You could tell from the first three minutes that the Jayhawks weren’t all there. I hate to keep hammering away on Tyshawn Taylor and the rest of the KU guards but its apparent that this is one of the weakest at that position for Bill Self in a long time. The basketball IQ and decision making out of that position has been so poor that its stunning; Travis Relaford, Taylor and Elijah Johnson have combined for forty-four turnovers in the past five games. Many around the country think that KU goes as Thomas Robinson goes when the real story is how Taylor and Johnson play directly affects this team.

-Chiefs fans have to play wait and see on Romeo Crennel. Is it a positive that players are outwardly supporting him? I don’t know but a players coach and media darling can end up being a disaster (see Mike Singletary). I think it’s a definite wait and see to see the results of the next two games. I think you can do a lot worse than Crennel, and think that he should be in the mix. The Jeff Fisher love affair is one that will disappoint many as I think Pioli and Fisher seem like an oil and water mix. Without a doubt this hire will cement Pioli’s future with the organization good or bad.

-We will separate the pretenders from the contenders this week when Mizzou and K-State ratchet up their schedule. Will we see the Tigers beat Illinois and continue on their terror into the Big 12 season? I say yes. Mizzou, I think, is the real deal. My concern still is what happens when they run into a team that can outsize them down low? We’ll see, but I do think you couldn’t ask for a better guard combo than Pressey and Denmon. K-State will get some lessons in Hawaii this weekend but they showed they aren’t all show and no go with an impressive win over Alabama last weekend. The bench stepped up to help in the win and makes a lot of fans circle the January 4thshowdown with Kansas in Lawrence.

-Finally, hats of to Kyle Orton. Who I think impressed a lot around the country coming in and looking sharp against the Packers. A tough decision for Pioli and company going into next year. I think Training Camp will be interesting to see how Cassel handles the pressure from Orton to be the starter. Cassel has had a rough season, but I still think he win the job. The question will be, Can he keep it? 

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