Dear Santa, From Scott Pioli

Dec 07, 2011 -- 1:17pm

By Frank Boal

This is the Holiday Season. It’s that time of year when the Chiefs fans start writing letters to Santa begging for a few oversized gifts under the tree. This one is from Chiefs General Manager Scott Pioli..


Dear Santa,

I hate to bug you, but can I get a new head coach, franchise quarterback and a brand new offensive line to go along with them? How about a healthy tight end? Everyone seems to have one!

 The defense has been playing great, but can I exchange some of the players that weren’t really as cool as they seemed on draft day? Please? I think they were broken when I got them out of Indianapolis and started to play with them. They just can’t do anything right.

Oh, I have to thank you for the inside tip on Justin Huston, I got him before anyone else because of the drug rumors you started and now everyone in the league thinks I’m a genius. Whew, I was starting to lose my moxie and I’ll need it if you don’t give everything else I want on this list!! Hint, hint!! Huston’s one of the “Right 53” now Santa.

I’m not sure what I was thinking when I signed Kyle Orton. Now I’ve really got a problem. Any inside info? The three I’ve got ain’t getting it done anytime soon and if I want to save my job I need a Tom Brady type guy. Have any of those laying around up there?

Look, the bottom line is this, we stink and I’m responsible. Can you help a fella out? I don’t want to start over. I know, I know, you warned me not to leave my warm, snuggly nest in New England with my buddy Bill, but you know how egos are.


                       All the best,


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