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Andy Reid Quotes, Sept 15

Sep 15, 2014 -- 3:22pm

Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid Quotes
September 15, 2014


OPENING STATEMENT: “As far as injuries go (Husain) Abdullah has a foot contusion. Eric Berry has an ankle sprain and Jamaal Charles has a high ankle sprain. Cyrus Gray has a foot strain, looks like he should be heading in the right direction. And De’Anthony Thomas has a hamstring strain but should be able to work himself back in this week, we will just see how he does. As far as the game goes, it was a hard fought game, I was proud of the effort the players put forward. There were some real good things that they did, there were some things that we can do better. I think that’s what I’m most optimistic about, that the guys battled like crazy and we have room for improvement. With that attitude, with the attitude of this football team and the personality that they are building there together, it gives you an opportunity for success. Just to reiterate a couple things, the job that John Dorsey has done on bringing players in here through all the different realms that you can build a team with, as far as draft and free agency. You look at the job that (Ron) Parker did, for example, who’s been working at corner and we asked him to step in at safety and virtually plays the whole game at safety, and I thought he did a nice job. Jaye Howard, the job that he did. (Kevin) Vickerson coming in after just a few days here and Ryan Harris stepping in at tackle. These are guys that are good quality football players that as they get more used to our system in some cases will even get better. That helps to be able to compete when you have a few injuries. From a football standpoint I thought the third down differential was important in this game. Defensively, we held them three-for-eight on third downs. On the other side of that we were able to make 11 out of 16 there. We’ve got to do better obviously in the red zone, both teams struggled a little bit down in there. But we’ve got to do a better job down there of scoring when you have the ball first and goal at the four, you’ve got to make sure you get that in. I take, again, responsibility for that. Cairo (Santos) is taking a little heat right now. He’s a young guy who will continue to get better. There are some things he can do, just mechanically, to fix his issue there with the consistency. He will do that and get himself back on track. None of us have lost trust in him as a kicker, just got to make it a little bit more consistent.”

Q: What’s Jamaal Charles’ time table looking like with a high ankle sprain?

REID: “I don’t know. It doesn’t look to be, these things take time, but it doesn’t look to be real severe. But it does have the component of a high ankle sprain. What does that mean? Well we will see what happens here.”

Q: Categorize Cairo’s confidence level right now.

REID: “He hasn’t missed many field goals in his time, so this is a new experience for him. I would compare it to a batter in baseball, sometimes you get into a funk as a kicker and you’ve got to work your way out of it. He’s hitting it here early, if he figures it out and works it out, he’ll have a nice long career, steady career. And you’ve got to be able to do that as a kicker. Sometimes that ball is going to look real small, sometimes it’s going to look real big. So you’ve got to work through those things.”

Q: How much does this change Knile’s role, can he carry the same work load as Jamaal?

REID: “I don’t think it would change much from what you saw yesterday. He was involved in a lot of different areas. I’m not saying in number of carries. You saw him go and play a few different roles.”

Q: This is two weeks in a row you’ve struggled in the red zone, is it execution, play calling or a combination of things?

REID: “I’ll take responsibility for that. I have to make sure I put the guys in a better position to score touchdowns. We’ll work on that.”

Q: Is there certain things you’ve seen from players that make you not trust them in the red zone? 

REID: “No, not at all. I’ll take responsibility for that.”

Q: Why move Ron Parker to safety when you have two safeties on the roster. Are they not familiar enough with the scheme?

REID: “He would probably tell you that’s his natural position, Parker would. But he’s not bad at corner either. We’ve had him learn that position because we want to put who we consider the best players out there as often as we possibly can, even if it means switching positions. We’ve done it with the offensive line, the same type of thing. Moving guys from guard to tackle and tackle to guard. So that’s why he’s out there.”

Q: What were your impressions of the offensive line?

REID: “I thought they did a nice job, they played good physical football. Both in the run and the pass game, is there room to improve? Absolutely, I’d say that about all of us, we’ve got a ton of room to improve here. They are playing a little bit better as a unit and that’s important. I think every game that they play together they’ll improve in that area.”

Q: What about Zach Fulton, he’s a young guy. Where is he at?

REID: “Zach’s getting better every chance he has to get out there. Some of these looks are new looks for him. For a rookie he’s doing a pretty good job right now.”

Q: First game without Derrick Johnson, how would you assess James-Michael Johnson and Josh Mauga?

REID: “I thought for the most part they did a good job. Early, there might have been a couple things in there. I thought they had good communication and set the front well.  I thought they played physical football, they tackled well. I think early they settled themselves in and played pretty good.”

Q: Marcus Cooper’s first game and got targeted on that first play and then responded well.

REID: “Yeah, that was probably the perfect call for that coverage that we had on. You respect Peyton for being able to put you in positions like that. So they got us, they got Coop on that one. But he came back and, I thought, did well after that.”

Q: What were you able to do defensively the second half?

REID: “The best thing is to keep them off the field the best way you possibly can. They didn’t have a ton of plays the second half on the field. Then we were able to get pressure on Peyton – which is a tough thing to do. When you get pressure on the quarterback it kind of encompasses everybody. That’s your coverage doing a good job, that’s your front doing a good job. I thought guys stepped up, we had a nice little rotation going there and guys were fresh throughout the game. And again, I’m telling you this, we can even do better. In this thing you count the wins, that’s what you count and we didn’t win the game. So in all areas we can get better.”

Q: Eric Fisher was lined up with DeMarcus Ware the entire game, what were your thoughts on his performance and development?

REID: “I thought he did a nice job. Again, he’ll be able to go back against a top notch pass rusher in pass rush situations and analyze his performance and see where he can even do a better job there. Again, you’re talking about one of the real good pass rushers in this league. I thought he did a nice job and he didn’t worry much about the left side there.”

Q: You chose to defer and put Peyton Manning and that offense on the field first. Why that decision?

REID: “Well I knew we were going to have a 23 play drive in the second half. I wish. The obvious answer there is they got points and we didn’t. Your studies will show you that teams that deferred, for whatever reason and mainly it comes back to that first drive in the second half, have a better win percentage. I’ve always been one that took the ball to start the game. But the studies the past few years have shown the opposite there and I’m not sure exactly of the reason, other than the first drive opportunity knowing what rhythm the opponent is in and being able to come out and take advantage.” 

Q: Can you remember the last time you deferred?

REID: “I’ve deferred every game since the first preseason game, I believe it was. We just haven’t won a toss.”

Andy Reid, Players Quotes - Sept 10

Sep 10, 2014 -- 3:11pm

Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid & Player Quotes
September 10, 2014


REID: “Alright. On the injury front, Jeff Allen will not practice today; he’s got the elbow strain. Tamba (Hali) has a sore ankle sprain so he’s going to go do some things. De’Anthony (Thomas) will not practice today, but he’s getting better. We look forward to this week against the Broncos. We know they’re a good football team. Our guys are looking forward to that challenge. We’ve brought some new people in here, and we’ll see how they do incorporating them to the defensive side of the football and we’ll just see. We’ll see. I can’t tell you playtime. I don’t know all that yet. We’ve got to give them a couple of practices here and get it under their belt. We look forward to the new additions. The time’s yours.”

Q: With the Ray Rice thing being very big recently, you were involved in Philadelphia with bringing Michael Vick in, what made you decide you were good with bringing in someone who’s been in trouble like that?

REID: “Yeah, well listen. I’m focusing in on the Denver Broncos and not the Ray Rice situation right this minute, but we’ve talked to the team about it and addressed it there which is important. As far as Michael’s situation, it was a bit of a different situation. However I felt that as long as they go through the repentance process and do those things that are needed there, there are certain cases people should be given a second chance. That’s what America is. As long as they learn from the situation.”

Q: If something occurs here will you have your own team policy?

REID: “Now listen, I can’t get into all of that. Let’s just move on to the Denver Broncos.”

Q: Who takes over on calling the plays in the middle between Josh Mauga and James-Michael Johnson with Derrick Johnson being out?

REID: “Yeah, well, they both do it, they both have done it and they’ll both have certain responsibilities of who calls. I’m not sure if Bob’s (Sutton) made that decision on who he green dots yet.”

Q: Dwayne Bowe’s back and he will do what he normally does?

REID: “He is. Yeah, we’ll ease him back in. Just make sure he gets back into the swing of things. He really hasn’t done much for a few weeks. Remember, he had the quad there before his suspension.”

Q: Do you plan on him playing a full role this weekend?

REID: “Yeah, I believe he will. Yeah.”

Q: He’s getting to be that age where guys in this position tend to lose their skills. What have you seen, if anything from him that would indicate that he’s still got it? 

 REID: “I’ll tell you, he had a great training camp and preseason. I haven’t seen anything there. I liked what I saw there and he came back in great shape, and I expect that he’ll have a real good year.”

Q: Has his hand issue resolved itself?

REID: “Yeah, he did. He had a finger that he messed up pretty good there, but he’s doing good now. He’s back and ready to roll.”

Q: How much more can you do in the offense with him?

REID: “Frankie (Hammond Jr.) did a nice job for what we asked him to do in the game. Dwayne has been a big part of the offenses here since he’s been here and he was with us last year, he’s an important part of that. He’s somebody the quarterback has a lot of trust in and a lot of reps with. He’s got a high skill level. He’s always got a pretty good chunk of our offense for every game.”

Q: Does it make Alex Smith feel more at ease having him in the line up?

REID: “As a quarterback you like to have your guys there, the guys in particular that you’ve had your reps with. They’ve seen all the looks that you can see and they’ve developed that relationship and trust factor.”

Q: What did you like about Kevin Vickerson bringing him in here? Obviously he’s familiar with Denver. 

REID: “He was somebody we were very concerned about last year when we played them. I told him when he got hurt I felt bad for him, but I can’t tell you I was the saddest guy in the world because he’s a pretty substantial load there and a good football player. We welcome him in. He’s coming off an injury that he had and went through training camp and did his thing there. And now he has an opportunity as a seasoned veteran to come in here and help this football team.”

Q: On Monday you mentioned the run defense needs to get stronger, in particular is it disciplined?

REID: “I thought we played real good defense the first half and then things got away from us a bit as the game went on. I thought, for the most part, that first half was good quality football. I thought the offensive side had to pick up the pace there. The defense I thought played good football, we just have to maintain that through the game.”

Q: How much of the run game was losing Derrick Johnson and Mike DeVito?

REID: “The other guys haven’t had as many reps, there might be a little bit of that. I hate to get into that because it sounds like you’re belly aching up here and that’s not what we do. The next guy we expect to come in and play but there was obviously something that took place there without those two in there.”

Q: Just to leverage talking with your players about the Ray Rice thing. Do these guys need to be reminded? They know right from wrong. What’s your message to them?

REID: “I would say we are just a microcosmic society. We have the same issues here that you have in the world. Constant reminders are important, I think, on a lot of things and for all of us.”

Q: Any particular reason Jerry Franklin went off the practice squad instead of Nico Johnson?

REID: “Listen, Nico is a good football player but (Frank) Zombo’s also been working at the mike linebacker and the other kid is a real good special teams player.”

Q: What kind of challenge do you have as a coach not only playing at Denver but also with the injuries that happened on Sunday?

REID: “With this football team, the way they’re wired, I don’t really worry about the latter part of that question. It’s always a challenge to play in Denver, we understand that and we are up for it. We’ll prepare ourselves and get ourselves right. And go up there and play our best football.”

Q: What do you say to the young players about Peyton Manning? They haven’t seen him and all the things he does. How do you prepare a young player for him?

REID: “You’ve have to study him. And he’s going to complete a pass or two, that’s what he does so you don’t get down on that, you get on with the next play.”



Q: Are you excited to have Dwayne Bowe back going into Denver?

SMITH: “Yeah, I mean we wouldn’t be very, very excited if he wasn’t a big play maker for us and a real weapon on the outside. So yeah, we’re happy to have him.”

Q: Is Denver the same team that you saw last year?

SMITH: “No, but no team is, that’s the nature of the NFL. There’s so much turn over. For them there’s some new faces, especially for us looking at them. Three big additions in free agency in (Aqib) Talib, (T.J.) Ward and (DeMarcus) Ware, and they have some new personnel besides that. Some young guys playing, some new faces. Even the scheme in general is new. But coaches work on new and put new things in. So yeah, brand new test.”

Q: How do you get 25 (Jamaal Charles) the ball?

SMITH: “There’s a lot of different ways. I think with a guy like him, he’s got a full range of abilities and we’ve shown it in the past. Certainly, I think, Sunday we all looked at it and I wish we could have got him involved more. All last season we did a lot of different things to get him the ball, and hopefully we’ll get back to some of that.”

Q: How does that happen where you get to the end of the game and he only has seven rushes?

SMITH: “I don’t know, that’s a great question. I don’t think we realized it during the game. I think we got one dimensional too soon, probably, in that case. It’s easy in hindsight.”

Q: How important is it to get in manageable third-and-threes?

SMITH: “That’s a big part of the game for sure, not putting yourself in hard third down conversions. In the entire NFL that’s an uphill battle and nobody in the NFL is that great at it. The good third down teams run a bunch of third-and-medium and third-and-shorts and they convert, they sustain drives. That’s the goal. When you do get down there in an area to score point with an opportunity, be opportunistic.”

Q: Is that maybe where you missed Dwayne (Bowe) the most? Maybe turning a first-and-ten to a second-and-two?

SMITH: “I don’t think there’s one area where we missed him the most, there’s a lot of different facets. Dwayne’s the type of player that contributes everywhere, on all areas of the field and in all situations. But that was certainly part of it.”

Q: When you play an offense that is prolific and gets points on the board in a hurry, does it change your mind set at all? Like I’ve got to keep up.

SMITH: “I don’t think you can let it. Certainly, we are trying to score points as an offense. That’s our deal, that’s what our job is. With that, it’s the little things. We just talked about it, we’ve got to have some first and second down production, we’ve got to convert on third down. When we are down there in the red zone, we’ve got to come away with some touchdowns. That’s the deal, it’s easy to say but we’ve got to go out there. And so much of it comes down to the little things, the details.”

Q: You guys didn’t play the way you wanted offensively on Sunday and then you lose two huge guys on defense. Now you’ve got to turn right around and play Denver. What kind of challenge is that?

SMITH: “It’s certainly tough, a lot of adversity early. But we’ve got a good group and I think we’ve got a deep group. There are a couple new faces here but we welcome them in and full steam ahead. We’ve got to go and everybody’s got to trust each other that they’re going to do their job in order for it to work.”

Q: Andy said he talked to you guys about the Ray Rice situation, what do you guys need to be told?

SMITH: “I feel like a lot has been said, and probably enough has been said on that. I don’t think I need to get into it and right now I’ve got my hands full with Denver.”

Q: How well do you know Peyton Manning and were you at all surprised that he was able to come back after the neck injury?

SMITH: “I know Peyton a little bit. I’m not surprised; I don’t know all the details that went on there with the surgeries, his neck, and the injury. But certainly the type of player and competitor he is, no I’m not totally surprised he came back the way he did.”

Q: Do you watch him? Do you think there’s anything in particular that is the key to his success?

SMITH: “A lot of things, you do watch him as a quarterback and you see that kind of longevity. He’s smart first off all, he makes good decisions and he’s accurate with the football.”



Q: How do you go about making sure everyone is held accountable after a loss?

SHERMAN: “Just going and coming to work every day, working hard, and showing guys how to work and guys just try to follow along and just keeping guys and making sure they’re not doing the little things wrong, and just keeping everyone on course.”

Q: When you see the coach go out and take responsibility for what happens on the field, what does that do for you?

SHERMAN: “It just shows the leadership in him (Andy Reid). He realized that he might have made a couple mistakes, so he’s going to let everyone know that it was his mistake. But it’s not all on him. A lot of it is on us. We have to execute the stuff that he calls and we didn’t do that that great last week so it’s on both ends.”

Q: How do you handle the altitude in Denver during the game?

SHERMAN: “Coach Rubin, his strength staff does a great job of keeping us in great shape so we rely on that and just go out there. It’s more of a mental thing and you just don’t let it affect you more than it is actually affecting you.”

Q: Is it still a potent defense in Denver?

SHERMAN: “Oh, absolutely. They have a great front seven, great back end. They did a good job this offseason of adding guys, so we’ve got our work cut out for us but it’ll be a fun challenge.”



Q: What happened in Denver? You started 16 games two years ago and then every game until you got hurt.

VICKERSON: “Life in the NFL, that’s all. Some things you can do is control what you can control and that’s all I was trying to do was go out and play hard and show that I was healthy. Business is business so at the end of the day I landed here. I’m happy, I’m glad to be here and just ready to go.”

Q: What can you tell us about getting to Peyton Manning having practiced against him the last few years?

VICKERSON: “Just playing your technique and just getting after the ball. When you have a quarterback – he gets the ball out fast and he’s a king of the no huddle, snap counts and everything like that. So it’s important not to panic when he does go hurry-up, and you’re feeling like it’s a go and then you need to hurry up, but the main thing is keep your composure and play ball. And at the end of the day, if you keep your composure and play ball, everything will work out.”

Q: Can you pick up anything that he is saying at the line that makes sense to you?

VICKERSON: “I don’t know. There’s a lot of stuff, but we’ll see.”

Q: Are you healthy now?

VICKERSON: “Yeah, I’m going to show the world that I’m healthy, so I’m glad to be here, I’m glad I got the opportunity. That’s been a question that’s been circling in my area is, ‘Are you healthy, are you healthy?’ I’m healthy, yes.”

Q: How fitting is it that you’re first game back is against your former team?

VICKERSON: “Well that’s crazy because every time I went somewhere I signed, I always played my former team the first game. I was in Seattle, I got traded to Seattle from Tennessee; I ended up playing Tennessee the first game.  I got released by Seattle, picked up by Denver, ended up playing Seattle the second game so the same thing. I’ve seen it all before, same thing. The game doesn’t change, it’s just a ball. Players do, players are the same, that’s the only thing that changes about football. Football is one on one, football is simple, and you can’t overthink it so the game is the game, just go out and play. Play fast and physical.”  



Q: How do you move on and put last week behind you and bounce back against the best team in the division this week?

FISHER: “Just simply do that, you move on. You can’t cut your losses, you’ve just got to move forward. You can’t dwell on the past, look forward to the future and that’s what we’re doing.”

Q: How did it feel to be back on the left side again?

FISHER: “It felt good. Like you said, a comfortable feeling and happy to be back over there.”

Q: How long does it take to find rhythm with new guys on the offensive line?

FISHER: “You just take it a day at a time. It comes naturally and that’s what we’re out here practicing for.”

Andy Reid Quotes, Sept 8

Sep 08, 2014 -- 4:26pm

Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid Quotes
September 8, 2014


OPENING STATEMENT: “Alright, as far as the injuries go, Mike DeVito and DJ (Derrick Johnson) both have Achilles ruptures and will be out for the season, they’ll have surgeries on those. Jeff Allen has an elbow strain; he’s being evaluated right now. It looks like it’s probably more of the bicep than the elbow. (Husain) Abdullah has a quad contusion, Eric Berry – quad contusion, Tamba (Hali) tweaked his ankle – has a slight ankle sprain there and Frankie Hammond hurt his shoulder a bit, but he should be okay. And De’Anthony Thomas had the hamstring strain and is making progress. We’ll just see how he does this week. We’ll get Dwayne Bowe Back and Marcus Cooper back this week which will be a good thing.

For the game, obviously it was disappointing. The positive was the energy that the fans brought and our guys, they appreciate that as do the coaches and the management. We weren’t good enough yesterday obviously, but we’re a young football team and will get better as we go. The guys that are hurt, our heart goes out to them for the hard work that they put in, but we also know that we’ve got some good young players that can step up and do a good job and that’s what is expected of them. The obvious from the game is three turnovers is too much and too many. Our third down efficiency, when you only make one conversion on third downs out of 12 opportunities – that’s a negative. Both of those two I’m directly related to and have a responsibility for, so I’ve got to do a better job on my end of putting the quarterback and the rest of the offense in a better position to make plays. Not giving 25 (Jamaal Charles) the ball more than seven times is negligence on my part also.

Defensively, I thought for the first half we played good football. The second half, the thing that jumps out at you is the amount that they ran the ball and the yards that they got on that. So again, we’ve got to secure that up and do a better job there. As far as special teams go, Cairo (Santos) made one field goal and an extra point and missed one from the 30-yard line. There are no excuses for that. He’s got to make that, he’s very capable of making them, we all know he’s making those. Everybody has trust that he’ll get that worked out. The fake punt was the right thinking. We were short on one block there but the setup was what we wanted and had seen. We just had a deficiency on one of the blocks, and that led to points. And then, when we jumped offsides there when they were in punt formation, that also led to a field goal. Dave (Toub) will be the first one to tell you, you surely don’t want those things to happen there, where it ends up being points for the other team. (Jaye) Howard and (Vance) Walker will work in there like they did yesterday – more Howard yesterday than Walker, but they’ll both have that opportunity to work in on the defensive line with DeVito being down. And then JMJ (James-Michael Johnson) got a lot of reps yesterday, and he’ll also have that opportunity.

We’ll keep our eyes open to fill those spots. We’ll look at our practice squad players, we’ll also look in the free agent area and also any other option that’s available. Dorse (John Dorsey) came back after the game with his guys and they’re looking at different players around the league. Dee Ford probably didn’t have enough snaps, we’ve got to work him into the rotation and do a better job there, which we’ll do. And then as I mentioned we’ll get a couple of the guys back that weren’t out there. As the head coach, I’ve got the guys in here today and they’re going to go through the tape and they’re going to learn, we’re going to continue to teach them and we’re going to get better at what we do. The time is yours.”

Q: What did you see from JMJ and Jaye Howard last year when you brought them in on waivers that made you keep them this year?

REID: “Howard is an explosive player. His big thing was just making sure that was something that took place on every play. Consistency was the factor, he’s shown us that he can do that throughout his time here. He had a good preseason with us and now will have an opportunity to get in there and play a little bit more. We thought JMJ was a good, solid linebacker. We felt that he was – at least from what he had shown – had been better in the sub-group so that’s where we used him a little bit last year and we had started using him in that position this year. But we do feel like he can step up and if he needs to play more, then he’ll play more.”

Q: You mentioned that Jamaal probably didn’t get enough carries; you also mentioned yesterday that Tennessee did some things to take him away. I know you saw the film now, were they stacking the box? What were they trying to do?

REID: “They primarily went with a cover three look and a cover four with a cheat safety look, both of which are good run stopping coverages. And then they played gaps and so on, it wasn’t anything that should have veered us off of the run game as much as it did.

Q: How much of Anthony Sherman kind of getting in the mix there could help with the running game?

REID: “As far as blocking?”

Q: Yeah?

REID: “Yeah, we could have done a little bit more of that.”

Q: You’re very good at taking responsibility for the team, but at what point do you start holding the players accountable?

REID: “We all hold each other accountable. I make sure that I teach the players and that’s what we are here to do as coaches. And nobody knows better than a player if they are not doing their job to the best of their ability. They take a lot of pride in what they do, we are all accountable. My name is on this and this is my press conference. So I’m the one accountable when it’s all said and done. And it goes from there.”

Q: You’re talking about getting Dee Ford more playing time, is he ready for more? Has he earned it?

REID: “He’s getting better in the run game. Right now his strength is the pass game, but he’s getting better. So there are some things you can do rotationally there where he gets in and has an opportunity to play.”

Q: A big guy like that I would have thought he might play more on special teams, is he not there yet with that part?

REID: “Yeah, that’s not necessarily his strong point right now.”

Q: We got a good look at De’Anthony (Thomas) during the preseason, he’s a guy that would help on offense. How much did the timing of his injury kind of hurt you guys as far as getting ready for this game?

REID: “Were we going to use him, is that what you’re saying? Yeah, we were going to use him. But things happen, that’s how this league works. You see it with every team. I’ve got a lot of experience in this business, and I’ve been on teams where things happen. Then you work around it and you get better. That’s where we’re at right now.”

Q: You say he’s getting better, is there a sense of optimism that he’ll be ready to go. Or with a hamstring do you just not know?

REID: “It’ll be a fight for him to get there. Those things normally take a little bit longer, but we’ll see. We’ll see how he does.”

Q: You opened the year with Derrick Johnson, Joe Mays and now it’s JMJ and (Josh) Mauga. I know it’s all next man up and all that, but that’s the guts of your defense. Can’t be another Derick Johnson right now, but how do their skill sets mesh?

REID: “You’ve got scheme and you’ve got players that can play. We still have a lot of good football players on this football team. You’ve got a personnel department that’s looking at different options there and we’ve still got a lot of games left. That allows for optimism there.”

Q: What have you seen from Mauga?

REID: “Mauga, he knows the system. That’s one thing. He was a starter in the nickel package for the Jets, and he’s a good football player, overall a good football player. That’s why we brought him, to give him that opportunity to play, at that time backup, and now he’s asked to start.”

Q: What is their challenge as far as communication on the field? I know they have played a little together in the past, but that was college. What’s the process?

REID: “I think reps, game plan, knowing the game plan, studying it. Like I said, Mauga knows the system, has a pretty good feel for the system. It’s just a matter of getting in there and doing it.”

Q: Did you see any improvement on the continuity of the offensive line as the game progressed?

REID: “I did early. I thought through the first quarter and half, we had a little bit of flow going. We had some penalties that took some things away. I saw some positives there. Do we need to get better? Yeah, we need to get better.”

Q: How much do you think watching Derrick Johnson will help JMJ? Have you seen growth in JMJ?

REID: “DJ is a great example, he’s not going anywhere. He’ll be around too, so he can continue to be a good influence for these guys.”

Q: What are your thoughts on the way Travis Kelce played in his 18 snaps? What does he need to do to get more playing time?

REID: “Keep doing what he’s doing. Keep learning. He’s a good football player, and so we’ve got to continue to work him in there.”

Q: Is it a knowledge thing for Kelce?

REID: “He’s young, but he’s capable of more than 18 plays. I’ve just got to make sure I call those plays.”

Q: What is the hardest part in staying committed to the running game?

REID: “Well this offense is best when there’s balance, so I’ve got to make sure that I maintain that and continue to give your best player – or one of your best players – the football. So that’s just doing it.”

Q: How do you evaluate Alex Smith’s performance after three interceptions?

REID: “Listen, I’ll take responsibility for those and the situations that I put him in there. Those weren’t good situations. And we’ll go back to the drawing board with that and make sure we get them right.

Q: Do you feel like your players are closer to learning how to finish?

REID: “Well, I thought they played hard, that’s what I thought. That’s a positive that you can take out of this game. We’ve got to get our execution right, particularly on the offensive side and I’ve got to make sure again that I put these guys in the right positions to do that. And we’ll get that done. We need to get back to the drawing board here and make sure the players see the game tape, go out and have a good practice, and we learn from our mistakes and move on.”

Andy Reid, Players Quotes

Sep 03, 2014 -- 7:13pm

Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid & Player Quotes
September 3, 2014



OPENING STATEMENT: “Alright, as far as injuries go really the only one to talk about is Eric Kush. He won’t practice today, he has a shoulder that is injured, and we will see how he does the next couple days. We haven’t counted him out for this game. Just a quick recognition to Brian Waters - anytime you play in this league for 11 plus years, in particular, the 11 years right here in Kansas City, have six Pro Bowls under your belt, and won Man of the Year, you’ve covered most of the bases. I couldn’t stand competing against him because he’s a heck of a football player, and I didn’t have a chance to coach him. But I know the organization holds him in high regards, in particular, Clark and the Hunt family. He’s one of the all-time favorites that they’ve had here. We, and I, wish him well in retirement and nothing but the best as he goes forward. With that, we look forward to the opportunity to play the Tennessee Titans. We know they are a good football team; they’ve got a new coaching staff. Similar situation to what we came into last year as a team. They are playing good, hard, aggressive football. We did play them last, basically the same personnel with the exception of a couple spots. Probably the primary one is the quarterback, (Jake) Locker is back and he’s a heck of a player. They are an explosive team and they play great defense. Ray Horton is a quality defensive coordinator, and he’s got good players there. Offensively, Ken Whisenhunt has a great track record of not only being a head coach but being an offensive mind. We’ve got to make sure that we prepare ourselves, go through all the steps that it takes here each day, take care of business, learn the game plan, learn the personnel we are playing against, understand the schemes and then go play.”

Q: A.J. Jenkins is good to go?

REID: “Yeah, A.J. did the walk through and he’ll go out there unless there’s a setback. He’s scheduled to go today.”

 Q: Donnie Avery last year showed flashes, early in the year against Philly and at the end of the year against Indy. What can we expect to see from him in the middle?

REID: “Donnie was hurt last year. He’s recovered and coming off a really good camp. He’s a great kid, obviously, and he’s shown great toughness out here. He didn’t miss a day of practice, so he’s all in. Very good leader, and it’s good to have him on this football team. He can still run very fast, so we’re excited to have him healthy.”

Q: So it was a health issue, the ankle then the shoulder?

REID: “It was the shoulder primarily. The shoulder, for him to push through and play, that was something.”

Q: Obviously with Dwayne Bowe out, how important is it for Donnie to be a target?

REID: “Just to be Donnie, that’s all he has to be. He doesn’t have to be anything other than that. Likewise, I’ll tell you the same thing about Frankie (Hammond Jr.). Go play and play your game. You don’t be anybody different or do anything different.”

Q: There’s a pattern of NFL teams when they make a big jump like your guys did last year, they fall back a little bit. In Philly you avoided that, is there anything in particular that allowed you to do that?

REID: “I don’t know that, other than good players and good coaches and working hard. I think that normally works. I’m not here to predict any future or anything else. The guys have worked their tails off and we’ve got good quality players. Now we need to just go play and that’s the part I get excited about. They’ve worked so stinking hard, now let’s go play and whatever happens, happens.”

Q: When you were in Philly was that on your mind at all?

REID: “Not at all. It hasn’t really been on my mind until you mentioned it. We do it one way and I think hard work is a part of that.”

Q: You’ve got three College Free Agents that made the team this year and 15 on the roster total, is there a common thread among those guys that have allowed them to overcome the odds?

REID: “There’s a variety of positions there, right? Starting with the kicker who had a tough battle against a good football player, Ryan (Succop), and ended up winning that out. I guess the common denominator is execution of what they were asked to do, doesn’t matter the position. I guess execution would be the primary thing.”

Q: You mentioned similarities between the Titans this year with Whisenhunt there and what you went through last year. Do you think you caught some people off guard last season? Is there any advantage at all to being a new coach in a new system? Do you study the tendencies at Arizona?

REID: “I mean, they are doing similar things. They aren’t going to change that much, it’s been successful for them at Arizona, the offensive side, and the defensive side when Ray was there.  So I don’t see a huge difference in what they’ve done. Normally, you’re going to coach what you know best and present it to your players. It looks like that’s what they’ve done.”

Q: We haven’t seen Eric Berry on the field in a preseason game. Concerns about rust? How is Eric?

REID: “He had good practices the last couple days. I’m not worried about it. He knows what he needs to get done and he’ll do it. I’m not saying that he won’t have to get caught up on speed of the game but I think he’ll be fine.”

Q: Taking nothing away from the effort of Daniel Sorensen but is there a coincidence that it was kind of an Achilles heel that Eric Berry wasn’t in and you guys were a little vulnerable on big plays.

REID: “I think it was great for Sorensen to have the opportunity to show, especially working with the first group. I think it was absolutely positive for him, a lot of reps.”

Q: Talking about Whisenhunt, if you’re getting prepared for a Whisenhunt offense, first off is he from the Ron Erhardt kind of school? And what is his signature as an offensive mind?

REID: “Well, he’s always combined a solid run game with a good short intermediate game. And he’ll take his shots periodically. But he’s pretty well rounded there around the pass.”

Q: Got some young guys and some guys out of position on the offensive line. Not a ton of time playing together as a unit. What’s their readiness?

REID: “Well, I’m expecting them to play well. So I don’t really care about the position that you play, I just care that you go execute it. It doesn’t have to be pretty, I don’t care about that either. I just care that you get the job done and the guys here are wired that way. And I think they look forward to the challenge, this defensive line is a good defensive line that we are playing. It’ll be a good challenge for them.”



Q: Is there a different feel to the game week now with preseason behind you?

SMITH: “Yes, absolutely. They count, this is it. No question you want to go out there and win every game and play well and execute but as soon as that fourth preseason game is done, the slate is clean. No one remembers and no one cares what your record is. These count, the win-loss column counts, and so no question the atmosphere and energy is definitely different.”

Q: Can you talk about Donnie Avery and what you expect him to do?

SMITH: “Yeah, he’s a real matchup for us. I think a real playmaker, big, big-time speed and with that comes big play potential. I think the tough thing with last year is Donnie played through a lot, got banged up, kind of played through it, gutted it out a lot of times, but certainly I don’t think was 100 percent at all times, which is hard. So I think with that, yeah he was a guy we looked at last year, I know I certainly did at times and could’ve done a lot more. There was a lot out there that we left on the field and certainly I think we need to take advantage of at times because there are some times we have some matchups that are really favorable with him.”

Q: How nice is it to have your contract taken care of before the regular season?

SMITH: “Yeah, I think the biggest thing is that it’s done and the peace of mind of not having to deal with it. It’s all on football and the focus is there 100 percent, that it’s not sitting in the back of your head, thinking about playing for a new contract as you go out on the field. Anything else, you’re living week to week. You’ve got to go out there and play well this week and we’ve got to prepare this week and try to find a way to win. As a quarterback that’s your deal and you’re not thinking beyond that so very, very shortsighted.”

Q: What about having three healthy tight ends and how they can add another dimension?

SMITH: “Yeah, no question. I think that’s a part of it. Every room, every especially skill position room on offense, yeah, they all have a piece to play and I think it’s our job collectively to get it done. It’s certainly no question the tight ends I think are a matchup for us. I think we like that, I think we like getting them on the field and seeing how teams play us and the balance that we have with those guys on the field, run and pass.”

Q: Is there any way to quantify the difference between a first year and second year system?

SMITH: “No, it’s tough. I think when you step back, you look at the years as a whole, you could.  But the matchups are so unique every year, they’re always changing, and this week it’s a new matchup vs. certain personnel and scheme and you’ve got to try and find a way to go out and execute against it. The next week it’s different, and the week after that is different so tough to compare.  Certainly we’re ahead of the game from where we were last year as far as what we have in and I think what we’re capable of. It’s a matter of going out there and playing up to that though. You still have to do it, you’ve got to go out there on Sundays and play well. I think it comes down to execution and all of those little details.”

Q: Was last year at all complicated as far as getting the offense down?

SMITH: “Yeah, it’s complicated because it’s news. These are NFL offenses, they’re all complicated. Regardless of volume or anything like that, just the details of what you are doing. So no question, as the season went on, you got more comfortable with it because you were doing it so that’s only natural.”

Q: How collective is the process of game planning?

SMITH: “Some weeks more than others. Some weeks, ideas hit you, you look at them and coaches accept the ideas and some weeks the stuff is already in and ready to roll. So it just depends. But certainly us as a quarterback room, once we get the gameplan, we digest that together, and going through it and trying to play the game in advance as you’re watching film, as you’re getting the looks out on the practice field with the looks. Yeah, you’re trying to digest that and go through all the what-ifs and have answers for all of them.”

Q: What gives you hope that you will be able to do the same things on offense this year even if teams know what is coming?

SMITH: “I think the package on the offense that Coach Reid and Doug (Pederson) put together speaks for itself, that it’s comprehensive enough especially with his role that it’s tough to defend, that you can’t defend all of it. Certainly it’s up to the other guys on the field, especially in the perimeter group, that we need to pick up the other end of that so they can’t defend everybody. And if they want to give Jamaal (Charles) a bunch of attention, then other guys are going to have opportunities and we need to capitalize.”

Q: What is realistic to expect from the offensive line in this first game?

SMITH: “To be honest, I haven’t even thought about it. And I don’t think necessarily like that. For us, what do we need to do as an offense to go out and execute and put points on the board and then what do we need to do as a team – the 53 guys in that locker room – to find a win no matter who’s out there. There’s no real stat sheet for those guys up front, it’s just we’ve got to go out as a unit and find a way to win. Everybody’s got to do their job – quarterback, guard, receiver, whatever. We all have to go out there and execute in order for the group as a whole to have a chance.”

Q: So do you reach out to the younger guys like Frankie Hammond Jr. with no Dwayne Bowe there?

SMITH: “To be honest, nothing different than I would do on any week preparing. If I’ve got little things with Dwayne, I’m going to tell him. If I’ve got little things for Frankie on certain plays, I’m telling him that, no question. If I guess I saw something that I felt like I needed to say, I would, but certainly Frankie for example, I feel like he’s a guy who prepares hard every day so I’m not worried about it.”

Q: How important is it for this team to go out there and make a statement?

SMITH: “I mean, the statement is the win. That’s all that we’re worried about is just trying to find a way to win and every team, all 32 teams in the NFL are trying to do the exact same thing and Tennessee is trying to do the same thing. You just hope you’ve done all the little things preparing and those little things on game day that will give you the edge.  I don’t think there’s a statement we’re trying to make other than get to 1-0.”

Q: You wore that Len Dawson shirt a couple of weeks ago. How important is it to you guys to win for not only yourself, but for these ambassadors?

SMITH: “I think it just lends itself to the environment around here. There’s a tremendous amount of tradition, tremendous amount of family-feel around here going all the way back to the beginning and you can feel that. I felt it from my first day here and I think that’s only a part of it. You walk around the building and it’s the same thing. You see it. You see the past, you see the history. Certainly with Len, we get to see him a lot. It’s great, and for me as a quarterback, that’s awesome. I get to pick his brain here and there and to talk to him, but certainly it kind of speaks to the bigger deal and the environment around here and how special it is to have that kind of tradition and legacy and family-feel.”

Q: Can you talk about the Tennessee defense? Is there a different feel of this defense?

SMITH: “Tough to know to be honest. Certainly a lot of the personnel is the same so you kind of look at the film from last year from a personnel perspective of who you’re playing, but for me as a quarterback, I feel like I’m playing against all of the guys. So for me, it’s a little more beneficial looking at the scheme as well as the personnel. That’s tough. Are they showing everything in the preseason or are they not? Are they saving stuff? Are they hiding stuff or surprising you with something. So, a little bit. You’re kind of preparing for the unknown. You try to prepare for everything, have some answers. Know you might get something that they didn’t show because it was only preseason.”    



Q: How hard was it just watching last year?

KELCE: “It was a really frustrating time but I’d rather not go into the dark ages because right now I’m living high and I’m ready to get things rolling on Sunday.”

Q: How do you tamper that excitement playing in front of your fans this weekend?

KELCE: “I’m as excited as everyone else is to see what I can do out there. I put the most expectations on myself more than anyone can possibly put on me so I’m putting in the work now so that Sunday I can really just go out there and let it go.” 

Q: Are you a fantasy football guy? What if I told you people have identified you as a sleeper pick?

KELCE: “I don’t live in a fantasy world. I’m living the dream, but I’m not living in a fantasy world. Hopefully I won’t be a sleeper for too long.”



Q: Why did you choose to sign with Kansas City?

COLEMAN: “I think this defense is a phenomenal defense with what they put up last year. And I think what they’re trying to build on for the second year with the defensive coordinator (Bob Sutton), I think I can be a great fit for this defense and help just make plays the way they do consistently. I think this thing is something special that they’re building here. I just want to be part of something special.”

Q: Where do you think you project in this defense?

COLEMAN: “Right now I’m doing both (free safety and strong safety). I’m learning a little bit of everything. I’m trying to take it all in like a sponge and hopefully every practice I get more and more comfortable in the system. Obviously, there are going to be some growing pains because it’s crash course. But I think I can pick things up pretty quickly.”


Q: Did already knowing Andy Reid affect or weigh in your decision to sign in Kansas City?

COLEMAN: “Obviously I know a lot of the guys on the offensive staff, the training room and it’s a comfortable nature. I felt very welcomed when I came here. But also I think the defensive role, I saw myself being able to come here, play just as big of a role because I want to be able to play, I want to be able to contribute and help this team win.”




Q: The season is here. Does it ever not get exciting as ever? Here you are through the preseason and you’re not overworked. Are you itching to go?

CHARLES: “Yeah, I’m very excited. I’m very mature now, I’m 27 years old and I’ve seen a lot through the years I’ve played in the NFL. I know how to handle these situations, I didn’t know how to start a game at Arrowhead and now I’m experienced and I know how to open a game at Arrowhead. I can help the young guys as well and be a leader.”

Q: What do you tell the young guys about the season opener?

CHARLES: “It’s no pressure. There’s going to be a Sea of Red and a lot of fans are going to be excited. It’s going to be packed and just go with it. It’s joyful to play here on Sundays and you show out. When you get the opportunity to make plays, you’ve got to make plays.”

Q: Is there a difference between the week leading up to the season opener? Do you know this is the week when it’s for real?

CHARLES: “Yeah, its game time, its game week. Everybody has a different feeling. Coaches are excited, they are pumped. I know my running backs coach (Eric Bieniemy) is really excited, he texted me at six o’clock in the morning. I told him, ‘I’m still asleep and don’t do that anymore’. So, I mean he’s really excited, he can’t wait to go. I’m excited to get back on the field and start making more history, again. I have more records to break; it’s all about breaking records.”

Q: What are your goals? What records are you trying to break?

CHARLES: “Anything, I don’t tell people my goals. I just go out there and whatever comes up. Records are meant to be broken. So that’s what I go out there and do, and try to help my team win.”

Q: How important is it to win the first game?

CHARLES: “I mean winning your first game; you always want to win your first game. I’ve e been wanting to win my first game since I was in Pop Warner playing and in college. Winning that first game is important, things happen, but our goal out there is to win the first game of the season. We’re not even worrying about who our next opponent is because we’re just taking it one game at a time. Whoever comes next that’s who comes next.”   



Q: How do you become more consistent as a player through 17 games?

AVERY: “The biggest thing is just staying healthy, just being out there. I felt like even though you might think I fell off, I was still available to help the team whether it was blocking, taking two down the field or wherever.”

Q: Do you see a bigger role for you this year with it now being your second year here?

AVERY: “Year two, we know the system. Last year was the foundation, so we’re building on the foundation. And just whenever coach calls, we’ve got to be there to make plays.”

Q: Do you think your role will be any different this week without Dwayne Bowe in the lineup?

AVERY: “No, I think coach is going to put us – everybody that’s playing – in position to make plays. It’s my role this game to calm down all the rookie guys, tell them, ‘hey, this is an ordinary game, just be yourself and go out there and play hard.’”

Q: What do you think about Frankie Hammond Jr. going out there in his first real NFL game?

AVERY: “He’s a cool, collected guy. Nothing seems to faze him. I think he’ll do well.”

Q: How do you not put too much pressure on yourself with you now being the number one receiver for this week?

AVERY: “Coach is going to put us in position to make plays. Wherever it is, we are going to be there, whether it’s putting me in some of Dwayne Bowe’s plays backside or putting the young guys in some of Dwayne Bowe’s plays. We’ve just got to step up and take that role.”



Q: What do you expect from the tight ends this year?

FASANO: “Tough year last year, some injuries, some guys stepped up, but we’re onto a new year now and I think we had a good camp and we’re getting better day by day. I think the tight ends in this offense can really be a weapon and can help us create some mismatches and help win games.”

Q: Have you thought about in numbers what the tight ends could produce for this offense if you guys stay healthy?

FASANO: “I think you can go back to Coach Reid’s offense and history and try to track those numbers. I haven’t. I think they’re pretty consistent and pretty strong.”

Q: Seems like he likes to keep you active in the offense. Is that why you came here?

FASANO: “Sure, yeah. Coach Reid has a great history with tight ends in this offense and part of the reason I came. Super frustrating year last year, but hope to erase that and be productive this season.”

Q: What is your comfort level with this offense from last year?

FASANO: “I feel pretty comfortable. There were times last year coming in on Wednesdays getting new plays and having to adjust, but this year so far I feel pretty comfortable and able to help out some of the younger guys when I can but also kind of concentrate on my details at my position and my responsibilities.”

Q: What are your thoughts on Travis Kelce and the threat he can have out deep as well as his range?

FASANO: “Very athletic. It’s good to have him back. He’s not only a great player on the field, he’s a good guy in the locker room, in the huddle, has a lot of spirit, youthful attitude, but he’s going to be a problem for the defenses and we look forward to getting two of us on the field and even three of us sometimes and creating mismatches.”



Q: How excited are you to start up a new season? Does this week have a different feel?

SMITH: “It is, it is. You know, it goes back to OTAs. We’re grinding out in that heat going against our offense every day, going through camp. Same thing, pounding against our own offense. So, we finally get to go out there and show what we’ve got for real.”

Q: You faced (Tennessee Head Coach Ken) Whisenhunt twice last year. Does this help in your game plan?

SMITH: “It definitely does. We understand that he did play, well he did coach for San Diego and they might carry over the same offense. Their playmakers are kind of similar in the sense that they have a very athletic tight end. They have some shifty guys out there on the edges. So, we assume they’re going to come out there and carry on the same game plan they’ve faced us with before. You never know. You go off what you see in season and preseason. As long as you prepare your technique you’ll be alright.”

Q: When you play against a team that runs 11 personnel exclusively, does that change anything for you as a cornerback?

SMITH: “For me, it doesn’t change anything. I think last year we pretty much ran nickel which means someone else was in 11 personnel pretty much, almost, the whole season. We’re definitely used to it. In the DB room we actually look forward to it because we have more of our guys on the field. That’s why it’s fun.”

Q: What’s the comfort level of all of you in defensive back field?

SMITH: “It’s cool. I mean the good thing we have pretty much the same guys with the exception of Chris Owens coming in. So much of the same guys we had last year, guys are getting the opportunity to step up, make some plays for us. We’re all tight; we all hang out with one another off the field. The comfort level, it’s up there.” 

Q: How much did you miss Eric Berry on some of those balls that you guys did get beat on?

SMITH: “Not only did we miss him as a person, but as a leader, playmaker out there. You can’t replace Eric Berry, but I think the one positive that came out of it was guys stepped up. We understand that he brings so much to the table and we weren’t looking to one guy to replace him. We all brought energy, effort, excitement. We all hustled to the ball and try to make those plays that Eric would usually make.”  

Chiefs Sign Smith To Extension

Aug 31, 2014 -- 7:02pm
KANSAS CITY, Mo. The Kansas City Chiefs announced on Sunday that the team has inked quarterback Alex Smith to a long-term contract. Terms of the contract will not be disclosed by the club. It was a priority of ours to get this deal done and keep Alex in a Chiefs uniform long-term, Chiefs General Manager John Dorsey said. Alex is a proven leader on and off the field. He is a special individual with a lot of ability, and we are fortunate to have him here. John and his staff along with Tom and his group have worked hard to get this deal done. Theyve done a nice job, Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid said. Alex is a smart, talented football player that has adapted well to our offensive scheme. He also, obviously, has had a tremendous amount of success as a quarterback in this league. We as a team are very happy to have Alex as our quarterback moving forward. Smith (6-4, 217) joined the Chiefs via trade with the 49ers on March 12, 2013. Since 2011, Smith is 30-9-1 as a starter in the National Football League. In his first season with the Chiefs, Smith completed 308 passes for 3,313 yards (60.6%) with 23 touchdowns and only seven interceptions. He led the team to a 9-0 start and an 11-5 regular season record marking the greatest single-season turnaround in franchise history after the club finished 2-14 the year prior. Smith earned his first-career Pro Bowl berth following the 2013 season. Entering his 10th season in the National Football League, Smith has played in 95 games (90 starts), completing 1,598 of 2,685 passes (59.5%) for 17,593 yards with 104 touchdowns and 70 interceptions. He has also been effective on the ground, rushing 288 times for 1,192 yards (4.1 avg.) with five rushing touchdowns. Smith originally entered the NFL as the first overall pick in the 2005 NFL Draft by the San Francisco 49ers. He graduated from the University of Utah.

Chiefs Quotes, Preseason

Aug 29, 2014 -- 3:21pm

Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid Conference Call Quotes
August 29, 2014


OPENING STATEMENT: “The players are off the next couple days and will be back in Sunday to get together for meetings and Monday for a short practice. The guys have done a good job working their tails off this training camp. I’ve asked them to get off their feet and get their legs back in the next couple days and get ready to go. The other part of this is I really haven’t had time to meet with Dorse (John Dorsey) this morning. I’ve had a chance to look at the tape but not meet with Dorse or Rick (Burkholder) so I don’t have much information for you on that end. We haven’t made any cuts or anything of that sort. The kids are coming in now to see the trainer and the ones that were banged up a little bit, we’ll see how they made it overnight here. And then later in the day I’ll get with the coaches and Dorse and we’ll go over some things.”

Q: What was A.J. Jenkins like coming home last night after suffering the concussion?

REID: “He did get hit on special teams there but he was feeling actually pretty good. Both he and Kyle Williams got clobbered on a couple of plays. Kyle said his shoulder was bothering him and then A.J. had the concussion. I talked to him a little bit on the plane, and he felt pretty good. That was a positive.”

Q: Are you going to have enough healthy wide receivers to line up against Tennessee?

REID: “I’ll get with Dorse on that and Rick here but as long as A.J., if he’s healthy, then we’re okay number-wise. We will get Junior (Hemingway) back here I believe and that’s the way it looks right now so that will help. And then Frankie (Hammond Jr.) came on too this whole training camp and preseason games so that’s also a positive.”

Q: And you intend to give Dwayne Bowe’s starting spot to Frankie Hammond Jr.?

REID: “Between Frankie and Junior, I feel pretty comfortable with that. You know how we do, we mix people all over the place.”

Q: How much does this 10-man roster change effect these final roster decisions?

REID: “As many guys as we can get, we’re all in. That’s the coaches’ perspective. I understand the monetary value of it and so on for the owners, but we appreciate it and absolutely gives you flexibility. The more guys you can keep on the practice squad and train, the better off.”

Q: I know you touched on this last night, but in regards to the kickers, did you get enough out of them to help with the final decision?

REID: “You know what, we had a chance for a one 40-yarder. (Ryan) Succop chose not to do it and we had a couple of chances with the little guy (Cairo Santos) and I didn’t do it there either. I can probably tell you, if you’re evaluating kickoffs, Succop’s kickoff was better than the first one of Santos’. Santos’ second one was okay.”

Q: How did Mike McGlynn play having no time to learn or prepare?

REID: “I thought he did pretty (well). He was ready to go in at center. (Eric) Kush kind of got banged up a little bit for a minute there and wasn’t sure he was going to be able to go. He’s goes, ‘I’ll take it, don’t worry about it.’ He felt pretty good about it. Kush was able to come back. He (McGlynn) played at the guard spot and did a good job.”

Q: Have you ever carried four quarterbacks on your active roster?

REID: “I can’t tell you I have. I think the four of these kids are sure good players. I don’t think we saw the best of them last night. Probably didn’t play the best we can play at that position. I think that all four of them have talent.”

Q: What has Tyler Bray shown you this preseason and camp that he can help this team now and in the future?

REID: “He obviously has a big arm. I think if you took one player and said, ‘well who’s improved and changed themselves physically and mentally last year the most’ you would have to put Tyler in that mix. From where he was to where he is now, there’s a big difference. He got banged up a little bit last night and I hope that he’s okay. He had the ankle and the knee I mentioned to you and I’m just hoping he’s alright when we see him this morning.”

Q: Would he have stayed in the game if those injuries did not occur?

REID: “I don’t know if he could’ve. His ankle was the thing that was mighty hindered on that and then his knee was swollen out there a little bit after the game. I don’t know that.”

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